Gypsy Crossings

Navigating Through This Unusual Time

I am going to state the obvious. What an unusual time we are living in. Everyone’s life has been turned sideways and in some cases upside-down. It’s challenging to write a blog about adventures at sea and living abroad on a boat when the real experience of navigating through the twists and turns of this global pandemic is on all our plates. I am sad for the lives that have been lost and the turmoil that most lives are in.

I will continue to share with you some of the ups and downs of our life here but for now I will mostly share pictures. My camera is my stress relief. I find wonder in the insects, the birds, the animals and the beautiful patterns found in nature. I will continue to post our pictures in the Gallery so keep checking back for additions. We recently went on an Earth Day photo walkabout in the marina, and on the water. I will post a separate album for that. I also have one for the local art scene here, another for local birds and of course one for the general landscape so you can ‘see’ where we are. We’ve been having fun trying to figure out all the new creatures we’ve never seen before. I do this with the help of iNaturalist. It’s a great resource I became part of when I was in the California Naturalist class in Pacific Grove.

We have chosen to stay here in Puerto Los Cabos for another month because we feel safe in this harbor. There are relatively very few people in the area so it’s easy to keep our distance. We have four boating neighbors who are here full time and a few others that come and go. It seems different ports in Mexico are experiencing different restrictions, such as in La Paz where we hear the Mexican Navy is patrolling the waters outside of the harbor. They are making sure that tourist and pleasure boats are ‘staying-at-home’ and not going out to the islands as they are officially closed. That was going to be our destination for a couple of months.

Our next goal for Gypsy is to get her to a safer harbor for hurricane season. We are still weighing our options as we accumulate more and more information. We are looking at the Banderas Bay area where Puerto Vallarta is the main city. There are a couple of marinas that we are considering along with the option of just staying here. We do wonder if we will even be able to get to Banderas Bay. As COVID-19 cases rise here in Mexico we wait for the government’s next step and hope that the trajectory of this virus does not mimic that of Italy or the US.

We try to stay healthy adhering to the general recommendations for virus protection. This includes eating well, getting exercise and rest and staying away from sugar and alcohol. It’s sometimes hard to stay on track with these healthy lifestyle factors during stressful times, for all of us. I can still go out on the kayak and paddle board and Bob can still take walkabouts. I also came with a good supply of supplements so we take those to support our immune system. We hope you are all figuring out ways to find joy and healthy options for stress relief as we continue navigating through these challenging times. And we hope you enjoy our pictures!