Gypsy Crossings

The Greening of Baja

Plant life in the Mexican desert does come alive quickly with a little rain! Well of course we knew it would but it has been amazing to see it happen. The beneficial wet stuff that came with Hurricane Genevieve really spruced up the area! We went for day drive through the mountains to see what we could see. It was a surprise to see that more rain fell here in Los Cabos and the nearby mountains than on the Pacific Coast side of Baja. The hurricane traveled along the west coast so we thought it would be greener there. Not so much. Pictures are in the "Greening It Up" album in the Gallery so you can see how alive it looks.

Not much more rain has fallen here in the marina, except for a little today. The mountains get afternoon thunderstorms that always add to the beautiful landscape and sunset. The temperatures just seem to keep getting hotter and hotter. The water temperature is up to 85+ degrees F but it still helps to cool me down some. I'm managing otherwise thanks to the studio we rented. It's my daytime hangout. Bob still stays on the boat with the seven fans on high. He works on boat projects and reads. They say just a few more weeks of this heat and it will let up.

For me, I'm headed to California on Sunday to get some things done that I can't do here and cool down a bit. I'll be there for a month. By the time I return I sure hope the temperatures will drop. It's been four months now of this heat and I'm maxed out. I find myself comparing this to the four months of cold weather experienced in the more northern climates. I grew to not like that bitter cold I found living in Montana but now I wonder which is more tolerable, cold or heat? At least in the cold it didn't take away my ability to function properly. The lethargy that comes with intense heat is so discouraging.

Our foster pigeon, who we affectionately call Pigeon, is doing well and keeping us entertained. Soon she will be sleeping down below on Bob's pillow. Haha! Yesterday I thought she was going to hop up on Gypsy and sit at the dinner table with us! Feeding her has attracted other hungry birds. The sparrows love cleaning up her leftovers and sometimes eat right by her side. If it were just the sparrows and Pigeon all would be good on the docks but unfortunately bullies exist even the the avian world. I had fallen in love with the white winged dove when we first arrived but now, not so much. There's one that comes around in the evenings and seems to be jealous of Pigeon. Not only does he move in on her meals but when she is done, and minding her own business doing a little preening, he will come running down the dock charging her. I know there's not a food scarcity here in La Playita. I've heard that every morning at sunrise over at the beach there is a friendly gringo that makes sure all the birds have a morning snack. Wonder who that could be? (insert winking, smiley-face emoji here).

Be sure to check out the Gallery for all the new pics. And Happy Autumn!