Gypsy Crossings

Welcome 2021!

Just a short note here to wish all the viewers of Gypsy Crossings a happy new year! We hope it's off to a good start, albeit probably quiet for most. Quiet may not be exciting but I think 2020 was a bit over the top in the category of 'oh no, what's next'. I hope a quiet and cozy winter is what is happening in your world and it feels ok. That's what's happening in ours. The new gallery album, "Holiday Walkabouts" highlights our new surroundings along with our usual animal and plant-life photos. Lots of geological wonder here in the Sea of Cortez so I hope my love of rocks and shells doesn't get too boring!
All our best for a healthy 2021!

Right after I posted the above note I found out about the attack on our US Capitol. So much for 2021 being off to a good start. Although the insurgence is physically in Washington DC the emotional unrest is in our hearts and in our minds. So I acknowledge what I said above is probably not true for most. We are not quiet and cozy as this year starts off. Hopefully as January 20th comes and goes some semblance of order will prevail. Breathe deep and love the ones you're with.