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Created 7 June 2020
The goal was to photograph all living things that caught our eyes on Earth Day.
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Created 17 May 2020
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Created 27 April 2020
Lots of sunsets here, can't help but be mesmerized.
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Created 25 April 2020
San Jose del Cabo is know as an artsy town. Here are some samples of the artwork we have come across. Most of them are by Leonora Carrington, a Surrealism artist, whose work is on display here in the marina.
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Created 20 April 2020
Our new bird community - some old faces, some brand new faces. It's fun getting to know who they are. We try to figure it out ourselves then we go to the iNaturalist website to get confirmation.
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Created 17 April 2020
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Created 19 March 2020
This goes along with the blog showing highlights of our time in San Diego.
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Created 21 February 2020
Pics from our departure from Ventura and trip to San Diego.
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Created 8 February 2020
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Created 21 January 2020