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We are preparing our 40 year old Tartan "TOCK" 41 for an extended cruise. The plan is to leave So. California for Mexico and the Sea of Cortez, first. Eventually, we would like to sail east, to Florida and cruise there, the Bahamas, and do the ICW.

24 July 2012 | Somewhere's Out There...
12 July 2012 | Pirates Reef, Roatan, Honduras
09 July 2012 | Enroute, Catalina Island to Marina Del Rey
20 June 2012 | To Be Determined...
30 May 2012 | Marina Del Rey, CA
09 May 2012 | Marina Del Rey, CA
09 May 2012 | Marina Del Rey, CA
30 April 2012 | aboard Gypsy Wind
30 April 2012 | MDR, aboard Gypsy Wind
15 April 2012 | Marina Del Rey
09 April 2012
29 February 2012
29 February 2012 | Marina Del Rey, CA
18 January 2012 | Marina Del Rey, CA
26 December 2011 | Somewhere off the California Coast
20 December 2011 | Marina Del Rey, Ca
17 November 2011 | Marina Del Rey, CA
25 October 2011 | Marina Del Rey
03 October 2011 | Marina Del Rey
30 September 2011 | Marina Del Rey, Cali


28 September 2011 | Cali.
Sorry for the silence...I just got back from the type of business trip I enjoy. For several years now, Barbie and I have run a small company called Gypsy Wind SCUBA Adventures. We do SCUBA training, of course, but the real specialty of our little venture is that we run instructor-lead dive trips to "bucket list" dive locations. Sooo....we just returned from a week at a small island atoll in a remote part of the Republic of Fiji. We have been to Beqa Lagoon before, and it was just as good...no, better...than the first time! I took this picture of a Fijian Anemone Fish, or a Faux Clown...the "real" Nemo isn't found in Fiji, but on the Great Barrier Reef, and in parts of Indonesia. But this guy is kind of cute, eh? Anyway, putting these trips together takes reliable email and telephone, something I still haven't figured out with respect to our cruise. Since it is my intent to continue to operate Gypsy Wind SCUBA Adventures while we're away, I must come up with a good solution to the communications dilemma. Any suggestions?
Vessel Name: Gypsy Wind
Vessel Make/Model: Tartan TOCK 41'
Hailing Port: Marina del Rey, California
Crew: Mike and Barbie, and Tilley the Not Quite a Shih-Tzu
We have been weekend and coastal sailors since childhood. We have been around sailboats for over 40 years, including over 30 years as owners. After all this time we still love this wonderful sailing lifestyle. [...]
Extra: I have been in the insurance business for more than three decades. Both my wife Barbie and I are PADI SCUBA Instructors, and we enjoy teaching people to dive and leading SCUBA trips to exotic "bucket list" locations.

Gypsy Wind's Crew

Who: Mike and Barbie, and Tilley the Not Quite a Shih-Tzu
Port: Marina del Rey, California