Guido's Hannah-Racing Journal

This is the Blog page of Guido Cantini and his boat Hannah of Cowes. Together they will participate in the Golden Globe Race 2022 in a quest to sail around the world single handed, non-stop and unassisted in the footsteps of Robin Knox-Johnston.

Time to leave !

So today the time has finally arrived to leave Marina di Scarlino in Tuscany and head towards Plymouth to reach the others for the start of the NOSTAR - this is how we nickenamed - the very personal race we will have amongst ourselves in place of the OSTAR which got postponed last-minute, for the second year in a row.
Getting to Plymouth will be quite a challenge in itself.
Spring time is know for it's beautiful balmy days when everything starts to blossom but also for the nasty weather the last tails of winter can throw at you. 1900 Nautical Miles following the rhumb line but certainly more, as for at least part of the passage the Portugese Trades blowing from the North will make themselves felt. So, in effect I expect the trip to be around 2200 - 2300 Nm, which will certainly put myself and Hannah to the test.
Let's get on with it and do what we love most...go sailing !