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Happy Hooking. The Art of Anchoring. A very readable book by Captains Daria & Alex Blackwell provides insight into new anchor designs, new gear, and how to deploy it effectively. Daria & Alex conduct webinars online for SSCA and GLCC as well as live

Hailing Port: Westport, Ireland and Mahwah, NJ
Crew: Captains Alex and Daria Blackwell
Daria and Alex Blackwell are lifelong sailors and passionate cruisers. [...]
Extra: Daria & Alex are currently conducting very popular webinars about anchoring for SSCA, GLCC, sailing clubs and boat shows. Happy Hooking is available for direct order via the website www.coastalboating.net and Amazon.com.
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09 February 2011 | www.sevenseasu.com
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09 February 2011 | www.sevenseasu.com

SSCA Anchoring Webinar this Saturday

Happy Hooking - the Art of Anchoring, with Captains Alex & Daria Blackwell, Saturday, Feb. 12, 1000 CST, 1100 EST, 1600 GMT

SSCA Anchoring Webinar this Saturday

09 February 2011 | www.sevenseasu.com
Daria & Alex Blackwell
Happy Hooking - the Art of Anchoring, with Captains Alex & Daria Blackwell, Saturday, Feb. 12, 1000 CST, 1100 EST, 1600 GMT

Have you been dreaming of sailing off to the Caribbean? Has the cold weather gotten under your skin? Are you on the cusp of leaving all those depressing newscasts behind? Let SSCA University fuel your dreams with knowledge and inspiration, all in the comfort of your own home wherever it may be, through a new series of information-packed webinars.

Whether you are sailing your own vessel locally or chartering in the Caribbean or beyond, knowing how to safely and effectively anchor is one of the most essential and liberating skills you can have. Knowing about anchors, rodes, anchorages and anchoring techniques is a prerequisite for enjoying an evening in a magically beautiful setting as well as getting a good night's sleep while swinging from the hook.

Much has changed over the years and the new gear offers serious technical advances over the older standard options. The goal of this session is to either help you get more confident using the gear you have, or to help you select new gear and understand how to deploy it correctly. We'll be discussing available equipment and its performance under simulated and real conditions. In addition, we will cover:

• Tackle and Anchor Selection
• Techniques for Setting the Anchor
• Scope, Chafe, Snubbers, Kellets, Trip Lines and More
• Anchorage Selection: Charts & Guides, Picking Your Spot, Swing Radius
• Setting Two Anchors and Med Mooring
• Weighing Anchor
• Anchoring Etiquette

Visit http://www.sevenseasu.com to register today

Can't make the webinar? Download the recording or buy the book. Happy Hooking - the Art of Anchoring is available on http://www.Coastalboating.net and http://Amazon.com
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