On the Outbound Track

18 October 2011 | Quartermaster Harbor
21 September 2010 | Seattle- Ballard Library
15 September 2010
13 September 2010 | San Juan Islands
06 September 2010
31 August 2010 | Seattle Marina
26 July 2010 | Shilshole Bay Marine
21 July 2010 | Everett to Seattle

time to update again

18 October 2011 | Quartermaster Harbor
It has been over a year since I last updated this blog. Life has changed quite a bit, but I still have much of the same goals. I have gone back to school and have been living on land for the last six months. I miss living aboard.

I anchored the boat out in Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island in August. Phoebe has been there ever since. This winter I am planning to pull the boat and give her a brand new bottom with the hopes of moving back on board in the spring.

I still hope to sail around the world in Phoebe one day, and I think it will just take some time to get situated.
Vessel Name: Outbound
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