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Panama to French Poly At Sea - day 12

09 April 2018 | 05 04.8'S:093 39.3'W, SW of the Galapagos Islands
Thursday April 05, 2018 �- Day # 12 at sea Not much going on. Still not into the trades but some wind during the day. Max speed today was 8.2 kts; much better than the 4 we have become accustom too! Been having rain showers since yesterday and looks like they will continue. This is the first rain we have seen since the Atlantic side, the boat needed a rinse. Took the Spinnaker sail down today in preparation for the trade winds. Found significant chafe on the halyard about 6 feet from the shackle so there must be something inside the mast chafing when under load. The core of the line is fine but I will need to go up the mast to have a look; later. Not at sea if I can help it. Flat seas so we did a boat cleanup day including laundry at sea. We think this will be close to our last day of sailing flat seas�.... Stay tuned! BTW: I cannot view any comments (if any) on the Blog Site as I am remote posting. I will see them once we get to French Poly!
Vessel Name: Hedonism
Vessel Make/Model: Outbound '46
Hailing Port: Thunder Bay, Ontario
Crew: Bob and Laurie Mackie
About: Retired
He-don-ism (hí:d'nįzəm) n. the doctrine that pleasure is the highest good and that moral duty is fulfilled through the pursuit of pleasure. After sailing Superior and Northern Lake Huron for the past 9 years, it's time to cut the ties and explore further. We left Barkers Island Marina on [...]
Home Page: http://hedonism1.ca/
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