sailing alone around the world

20 February 2012 | Laramie, Wyoming
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Come down, come down sweet reverence

02 September 2011 | Laradise
It is hard sometimes to get motivated to do school work. I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have the opportunity to get a college education. Most people in the world won't ever get the chance. I feel so guilty. Just do the work Heidi. It's not that bad.

Going on a surfing trip with two of my best friends right before school started made it a bit more difficult to return to land-locked Wyoming. It's hard to justify school when all I want to do is set sail for some far away place, floating over the most powerful force in the world. It sounds all too easy but it is going to be the hardest thing of my life... if i can just get there. How did I get so lucky to find this passion?

It sounds so far away.. two years before I am graduated from college. Two years before I can start to make this dream a reality. TWO GOD DAMN YEARS. How will I get through them? I know it will go fast.

But I still find this internal conflict. Why can't I just go? Why waste this time and money on an education that I don't even know if I will use and a place to live when the money could be going to repairs on my nonexistent sailboat? The money. It all comes down to money. Such a shame. Life is too short to waste time on things that you cannot justify.

I know I will get there. For now I will read and dream and wait.

"Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit." Brooks Atkinson

Vessel Make/Model: In search of a Chris Craft 35' Caribbean
Crew: Captain: Heidi Owens
About: Age: 21 Occupation: Student
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Who: Captain: Heidi Owens