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Pacific Seacraft 37

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Venture On

04 June 2022
Brenda Houseknecht
We’re slowing down the pace, most everything has found its place on HeleAku and we’re enjoying the scenery along the canal. I saw a bald eagle, many fish are jumping and beautiful homes. When we began the Erie canal at lock #1 near Albany New York we came into the lock on the bottom and the water slowly raised us up. Sometimes challenging to keep our boat under control. Since lock # 21 (which is the highest elevation of the Erie canal)we go into the top of the lock and are gently lowered. So much easier on our shoulders.
We stayed two nights at Sylvan Beach. Not much was happening in town yet but it appeared every business was gearing up! New concrete and asphalt was being poured, nicely mowed public areas and newly painted face fronts. Thursday Keith’s sister and cousin and their husbands came up for the day. That was a real treat for us. We had lovely weather to walk around the grassy point. In the evening there was a cruising car show with about 60 to 80 cars. Loved hearing those engines!
Another couple came in with their ” new to them”sailboat. We had planned to leave at 5 AM Friday morning but the wind piped up during the night and it wasn’t safe to cross Oneida lake. The security of our mast when it is laying across the top of the boat is in jeopardy from wakes from other boats. They forecasted strong winds and white cabs for two days. Both of us were holding off until I went for a walk at 2 PM and noticed the lake was like glass! Things change quickly and within about 10 minutes we were on the way to Ess Kay marina 20 miles away. 11 years ago when we went down the Erie canal when Keith retired we ended up spending some time at this marina. It’s still run by the family and nicely spruced up. The couple I spoke of earlier crossed with us except she had to Uber/rent a car to go back for work obligations. So we had a safe trip and Swapped sailing stories for dinner and breakfast with John. This morning we got a later start and are headed to Baldwinsville New York. It’s a good thing we are in the canal as the wind is up high again. Venture On. Brenda
Vessel Name: Hele Aku
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Sandusky Ohio
Crew: Keith and Brenda