Hele Aku Adventures

Pacific Seacraft 37

Western bound!

10 June 2022
Brenda Houseknecht
Well, weโ€™ve been underway for a month now. Seems almost impossible! we are really getting chilled. Sleeping well and enjoying the scenery. Past three days we have been passing through Rochester suburbs. Tuesday night we had many on the wall with us, rather unfriendly town and they were mowing the lawn next to R boats at 7am! Wednesday it rained lightly but steady all day. We have not been covering very long distances this week. Wednesday night we stopped in Spencerport in time to take in a Firemans festival, lovely showers and nearby grocery store. Weโ€™ve enjoyed long morning walks along the canal & exploring the villages. Popular trees are dropping their cotton all over. It looks like snow on the top of the water and mounds up in the cabin regularly. Thursday we had a great visit with three family members for the evening. They brought delicious Pizza and awesome salad. No rain was forecasted but in the middle of our walk to the waterfalls we got a quick downpour. First time we had ever left hatches open on the boat! No worries itโ€™s all dried up easily with R efficient furnace.
Vessel Name: Hele Aku
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Sandusky Ohio
Crew: Keith and Brenda