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Back on the road again

23 July 2022 | Middle Bass Island
Brenda Houseknecht
Hello from HeleAku. The loop that we’re Journeying on is a little over 6,000 miles total. Having come from NYC and through the Erie canal we’ve completed 577 miles thus far. Keith worked diligently on the boat the entire month we were at our home port in Ohio. We were taking one last trip to drop off things at our home when Keith placed a call to his cardiologist. They got him in quickly and decided to do a procedure early the next morning, now he’s better than new! Ha ha
A good sailing buddy and Keith took HeleAku out on the lake and worked her over one Saturday. We had 20 to 25 knot winds and 6 to 8 foot waves. They came back smiling from ear to ear and were very pleased with her performance. Just glad I wasn’t a board! Now we know how capable she is.
We left CP yesterday afternoon and had a good nights sleep anchored in a bay. We woke up to gust of 20-25 winds for a couple hours and decided to wait it out until the storm passed. We are headed north into Canadian waters for the next couple weeks. Venture On. Brenda
Vessel Name: Hele Aku
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Sandusky Ohio
Crew: Keith and Brenda