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Pacific Seacraft 37

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#12 month underway!!

01 May 2023
Brenda Houseknecht
It was a frisky weekend. We knew a very large storm front was coming through so we Put in a long day Saturday and arrived safely to an anchorage. The forecast was for strong winds 7 AM to 7 PM Sunday. Well at midnight the wind howled and there were 7 of us at anchorage. Four of us dragged anchor, and were circling (Keith reset R anchor)and on watch the entire night! Keith doesn an outstanding job of keeping his cool but all in all it’s pretty scary when you’re watching other boats and the shoreline getting too close! So we got up at 7 AM Sunday morning. β˜€οΈ was shining and the wind had calmed down with a few intermittent showers. 3-5pm the Wind piped up to 25-30 kn/everyone again on Watch! It slowed a bit and we needed sleep, but the wind was between 20-25 knots all night, so pretty rocky. Before 7 AM, four out of the five boats that were in Anchorage left. We still have 12 knot wind but are underway and R hoping for a short day to a reserved dock for R&R. Yeah πŸŽ‰
Venture On K&B
Vessel Name: Hele Aku
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Sandusky Ohio
Crew: Keith and Brenda