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Pacific Seacraft 37

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Finished the Loop

16 May 2023
Brenda Houseknecht
First, I need to correct about the sea rays. Keith actually watched about a dozen Sting Ray’s playing around at the anchorage the other night. Tomorrow morning HeleAku is being put up on hard for a few months. We will be going back home.
The past 12 months has certainly been an adventure with great memories! Thanks for listening in. K&B


13 May 2023
Brenda Houseknecht
We R in Solomon’s Island crossing R wake (from 11 years ago when in this area when Keith first retired.)
At our Anchorage last night, we had 2 sea rays playing around our boat. Quite amazing and the first for us. We are going to put HeleAku up on the hard in Deltaville, Virginia. This Boat Yard came highly recommended and we stopped there for an overnight We were quite pleased that is fairly small and out in the middle of nowhere. Venture On K&B

Another sunny day!☀️

10 May 2023
Brenda Houseknecht
We spent the night at anchor in Norfolk, Virginia. Huge navy presence with lots of ships to watch out for when under way. We toured the Wisconsin Museum and battleship. Also enjoyed a date night walking around downtown and Italian dinner.
Venture On K&B

The Great Dismal Swamp 🐢

09 May 2023
Brenda Houseknecht
The name sounds pretty depressing, but it has an interesting history. Completed in 1805, used as part of the underground railroad and it’s now a great national landmark! It is narrow like the Erie canal and has trees overhanging. Some a little too close! It’s approximately 22 miles long with a lock at each end. Begins in North Carolina and finishes in Virginia where we will be connecting up with the ICW once again.
Venture On K&B

Another week!

08 May 2023
Brenda Houseknecht
We are on a dock at Midway Christian University in North Carolina. Soon to be in Virginia, as we are headed to go through the Great dismal Swamp ( approximately 50 miles separate from ICW)
Keith had the opportunity to talk to the guy that’s refurbishing a boat for a sailing ministry.
This beautiful little bird was prancing the docks unafraid of anything that was going on around him!
Venture On K&B

Under sail!

04 May 2023
Brenda Houseknecht
First day to put the main sail up since coming home from the Bahamas 2 months ago. We are leaving Oriental North Carolina and are mostly on the ICW headed north.
We’ve had five days of very strong winds, and are grateful that we’ve had safe places to be overnight. This last Marina was a mile from a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. We were told you could get a ride back. The manager said yes indeed, and had a great big beautiful, clean pick up truck to bring us back that was very nice.
Vessel Name: Hele Aku
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Sandusky Ohio
Crew: Keith and Brenda