Tim and Cath's most excellent adventure

The end of our most excellent adventure

11 October 2013 | Brisbane
The end of our most excellent adventure.....
I was thinking of writing some sort of executive summary such as "left the UK Sept 2nd 2012 and arrived in Australia Sept 14th 2013" but you and I both know that there was a bit more to it than that. Looking back its still hard to realise that we got all the way to Australia without serious mishap. A multitude of minor mishaps - mostly fishy related- mixed in with bad luck and "I don't believe it" moments....but all in all a good effort.
The Man of the Match award, without doubt, goes to Captain Bridgen. He got all three of us here on one piece and was able to fix or repair pretty much anything and everything on board. I let him think that he was in charge (!) but it really was a team effort, with all three of us pulling our weight. In all sail changes in all weather Tim was on the foredeck getting thrown around, and I was in the cockpit, getting thrown around, pulling all the various bits of string to furl, unfurl, winch, hoist, drop, pole up, pole down......my biceps now resemble those of a miner and I lost about a stone in weight, but we were both lean, mean fighting machines.....well we were until we got to Oz and with healthy eating (in my case lots of chips and ice cream) we're both regaining our middle age spreads nicely...! The great ship herself never complained, she just kept going day and night, unwavering in her determination to go where all the other big ocean boats go, and she did it in style.
It's hard to chose a favourite moment or place because it was all so different, but I think the Marquesas and islands on the west coast of Fiji stand out. The Marquesas because they were our first south pacific experience after a 25 day passage and totally spectacular. The Yasawa islands because they were completely unspoilt, pretty much empty with the most sensational snorkelling and diving. We have to admit that it even edged ahead of what we saw in the Barrier Reef (admittedly we only saw a small part). The whole of the south pacific was special, especially French Polynesia, and the experience of the Panama Canal was up there as well......so basically all of it!
What made the whole trip special to us was the blog. All the comments you made (some were  "edited".......you know who you are....) were great to see and read, especially in some of the darker days across the Atlantic and during days when we were in awful conditions. It cheered us up no end. The whole of the blog entries will be kept very safe to show our grandchildren and for us to relive every now and then......who knows it may become available at reputable book shops near you....
What happens now? The great ship is on the market and hopefully a nice family will buy her and she'll spend her twilight years cruising the warm waters around here or venture up to the Barrier Reef for a holiday. She's proved her worth (is SO not a shed!) and deserves some down time. We're flying home on Nov 1st and look forward to seeing everyone before our next adventure starts. 
So our blog must now officially come to an end, as our adventure comes to an end. A huge cheery wave to you, our faithful reader, for following us and helping to keep us sane.....it's been a blast!
Cath and Tim xx

Today we finally managed to spot Skippy

05 October 2013
This little family group were resting in the shade of some trees, right by the road on the edge of Rockhampton.

They were shy, but not as nervous as I'd expected, given that rooburger is so popular round here.

Yesterday we ate dinner with a friendly Possum

05 October 2013
Having selected a safer site to stop last night (Clairview Beach, Clairview), we were initially alarmed by something crawling out of the tree above us!

We're pretty sure it's a female. She had a bulge in her pouch (although we didn't see a baby) and she definitely seems to be eating for two!

Armstrong Beach, Serina, Queensland

05 October 2013
Cath dives for cover, before selecting and alternative overnight camping spot.

Armstrong Beach, Serina, Queensland

05 October 2013
A beach with a message!

Armstrong Beach, Serina, Queensland

05 October 2013
Cath had spent a long time choosing this place to stop for the night. Looked good.
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