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06 December 2012 | Miami
06 December 2012 | Miami
04 December 2012 | Key Largo
02 December 2012 | Key Largo
29 November 2012 | Key Largo, FL
26 November 2012 | Boot Key, Marathon FL
23 November 2012 | Marathon
23 November 2012 | Marathon
18 November 2012 | Marathon
15 November 2012 | Marathon
14 November 2012 | Ft Myers
14 November 2012 | Florida West Coast
10 November 2012 | Charlotte Harbour
08 November 2012 | Manatee River
07 November 2012 | Manatee River
05 November 2012 | Tampa Bay
04 November 2012 | Tampa Bay
29 October 2012 | Harborwalk Marina
27 April 2011 | Harborwalk Marina, Hitchcock, TX
23 April 2011 | Gulf of Mexico

St Georges

12 March 2016 | Grenada
Our 1st stop in Grenada is St Georges. It is one of the main cities. It has easy access to shore facilities for cruisers. However, the anchorage can be very rolly in certain conditions. Many of the long term cruisers don't seem to mind the swell, but Nicki and I need something more protected to sleep comfortably.

The locals here in Grenada are very welcoming and supportive hosts. They make their home feel like your home. This is in stark contrast with islands like St Lucia and St Vincent, where the local's primary interest in you as a tourist is how quickly they can get into your wallet or take things from you that they can sell. Islands like Dominica are learning that creating a comfortable and safe environment is a win-win for themselves and visitors.

We plan to spend more time in Grenada than all of the other Caribbean islands combined. And, based upon the number of other cruisers who have come and stayed, we're not alone in feeling like Grenada will be our home away from home for a while.

Fish Stew or Chicken Stew

12 March 2016 | Carriacou
Some island restaurants have a preset menu. We had our choice of: rice & lentils, macaroni salad, green salad, stewed chicken or stewed fish.

Chicken please!!!!

Welcome to Carriacou

12 March 2016 | Carriacou
Care-a-coo. A Caribe word meaning "island surrounded by reefs."

Immigrations officials in Carriacou take their job seriously. A person ahead of us did not check out of the previous country correctly and was chastised for his errors.

We were welcomed as we had the correct paper work. The islands may be less than 20 miles apart but each island or each group of islands are their own country with their own governments. We must clear in/out with each one.
Vessel Name: Hello Texas
Vessel Make/Model: Kadey-Krogen 38' Cutter
Hailing Port: Fort Worth, Texas
Crew: Richard & Nicki
About: Just us.
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Who: Richard & Nicki
Port: Fort Worth, Texas