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27 September 2011 | Virginia
It's a long trip from the mountains of West Virginny to the Chesapeake bay area. Both of us were recovering from stomach flu and after a few hours of driving we gave up to rest at a hotel for the night. We had promised to meet the owners of "Mystic" that day and stay the night there but enough was enough. After a lousy night of gut wrenching in an overpriced motel we arrived as fresh as daisies next morning. By fresh I mean those daisies that have been hit by a weedeater or pressed in a book for a few years. We looked as rough as we felt but the excitement of getting on "Mystic" kept us going.
Rob and Linda, the previous owners were fantastic and loaded with all the knowledge. Proper cruisers who had just returned from the north after a 3 month trip in their other boat, a Bristol cutter.
Jan has never set foot on a sailboat and immediately felt the motion as she gently rocked in the moorings. I on the other hand was a kid in a sweet shop and wanted to see everything and touch it all.
For the price they were asking, I was expecting the worse and had resigned myself to at least looking before a long trip back. She was bone dry and clean. Plenty of work to be done to make her a home but none the less a well cared for boat.
Now we are back in the mountains we have to plan how we are going to move stuff down there and make the changes to her we want. We don't want to have to run to and fro from here too many times, so plan A is to get as much stuff down there in one go to get her fit to sail down to New Bern in NC. There we will be a bit closer to home and can plan and prepare for the major trip to the Bahamas.
Vessel Name: Mystic
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Centaur
Hailing Port: Deltaville Va
Crew: Simon and Jan
About: Simon is a confused, wandering Englishman that ended up in the wilds of West Virginia. Janise is his American partner, who's sole aim in life is to stop him petting the dangerous wildlife or some other stupid whim he may pursue.Like boating perhaps......
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Crew of Mystic

Who: Simon and Jan
Port: Deltaville Va