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Back behind the tiller

03 November 2013 | Coinjock
I thought I would never get another entry on this blog. After getting to Deltaville and starting the repairs,I got called back to the mountains. Jan had to go to hospital with heart issues. Her heart issues turned into seizure issues and the whole plan looked dead in the water.
but no, trooper that she is, we eventually moved onto the boat full time and began our simple life as cruisers, even though still dock bound at J & M marina.
If you read the last part you'll know the outboard broke it's transom mount. I fixed the transom mount and the engine has now decided to break itself. It runs, as long as you don't try to slow it down. No slow idle. Many have looked and tried and all have failed to solve the issue of the slow idle that wouldn't.
So, with a petulant motor hanging off the back we began our journey south
Getting down the Chesapeake to our first anchorage in Mobjack bay was the stuff you find in cruising magazines trying to sell the lifestyle. Nice breezes led us down to a picture postcard anchorage and then stirred us with the most awesome sunset. Ahhhhh indeed. We had made the right decision after all. The cruising life was for us.
Up anchor and away down to Hampton Roads. Not the sweetest place in the world. Full of naval vessels and cargo ships we rocked our way in for hours under the bow waves of huge ships. At one time we had a huge warship on our stern. The radio announced the 500 yard limit and how deadly force might be used to enforce it. " How the hell do I keep 500 yards away if the bloody thing is chasing me up the ass? " shouts Jan.
We hung a right and he went passed. Giggling to himself I imagine.
So the engine wont idle. Which meant every bridge and lock we had to wait for we lost the engine power. We would float aimlessly, hoping we could keep the boat pointed somewhere near the bridge for when it opened. Total farce at every bridge and looks of total pity from the lockkeepers as they bellowed "Just tie up near the back Mystic we got all these others waiting"
After Great Bridge, it was a pretty straight forward run into Midway marina. We'd called them on 16 and they were expecting our floating heap to bouncing into their marina dock with no power. The owner and his staff were totally unfazed and tied us off. If you are ever in the area this is the one to stop at. Great staff, Great facilities and Crabbies bar with live music on Saturdays.
tomorrow we move south to an anchorage before taking on the Albermarle sound. Next big stop is Oriental I think.
Vessel Name: Mystic
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Centaur
Hailing Port: Deltaville Va
Crew: Simon and Jan
About: Simon is a confused, wandering Englishman that ended up in the wilds of West Virginia. Janise is his American partner, who's sole aim in life is to stop him petting the dangerous wildlife or some other stupid whim he may pursue.Like boating perhaps......
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Who: Simon and Jan
Port: Deltaville Va