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Not Quite Outrunnin' the Cold

02 December 2010 | Ft. Pierce, Florida
Well, Tuesday morning I got up before dawn and left Palm Coast after topping off fuel a little before 7:00 AM. I saw my first manatee of this trip near Flagler Beach.

I had the current behind me much of the day so I decided to bypass my planned stopping point, New Smyrna Beach and continue on to Titusville. Naturally, after I passed New Smyrna and reserved a spot at Titusville, the wind and current started hitting me right on the nose. Despite this, I still managed to make the marina just after sundown.

I was awakened before sunrise on Wednesday morning by the arrival of the cold front. The winds moderated somewhat after dawn and I headed out for Melbourne. It was cool, overcast and breezy but I could see blue skies behind me that looked like they were about to catch up to me all day long. They finally did, but it was after I had arrived in Melbourne.

Melbourne has a really pretty downtown area and a nice marina. The bar/restaurant at the marina is called Ichabod's Dockside and its a fun place with great food.

This morning, I was up early again and left Melboune after topping off fuel again. Today was sunny but cool and breeezy again. The wind was off of my starboard quarter all day which allowed me to motorsail at about 7.5 knots nearly all day. This made for a quick trip to Fort Pierce.

My plan is to spend an extra day here to change my oil and provision before continuing south. My hope is that I'll arrive in Key West by the 15th or so.... We'll see!

I was told to include more sunset pictures, so here.
Vessel Name: Norma Fay
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 386
Hailing Port: Racine, Wisconsin
Crew: Mike Miller
About: I recently retired from the trop-rock band the "Boat Drunks" and I'm going sailing. Heading through the Eastern Great Lakes, down the ICW and to the Bahamas for starters. Then...We'll see!
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Norma Fay

Who: Mike Miller
Port: Racine, Wisconsin