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The Last Dance

11 January 2010 | Brisbane, Australia
Author: Seth
Picture: Taking Elizabeth to the Airport (boat style).

It is all over folks. On January 5th I took Elizabeth and all her things to a taxi in Sydney, which then took her to the airport. Without her on the boat the trip officially seemed over, but in reality I still had another week to go.

As agreed with the new owner, I was going to help deliver the boat back to Sydney with him. So Mike flew into town on the 4th and we spent a week going through all the systems. We practiced docking, anchoring, sailing and spent a good deal of time completing a round of engine checks as I showed him how to change the oil, fuel filters and impellers and how to trouble shoot our particularly hateful generator. And here I thought I was never going to have to do that again! But it was fun showing Mike the boat as he is genuinely excited about buying her and I feel good knowing that Honeymoon is going to a good new home.

So on the 6th we departed Sydney with a light southerly helping our progress north. We were extremely lucky with the weather, which continued to stay light and we finished the whole trip with a single stop to refuel. Five days later we pulled into Manley, where the new owner will keep "his" boat.

I had been worried about the trip being a rough one, but in reality it was quite wonderful. Winds were light and following for most of the way. We played with the sails, hoisting our spinnaker at every chance. We grilled steaks, lamb chops, chicken breasts and swallowed it down with Australian wine and beer. The swell was small, so sleeping was comfortable. We also had dolphins, some pods with babies, swimming with the boat (see previous blog).

So with that, the trip is over. I took my final look at the boat yesterday and am now awaiting my flight tomorrow that will take me back to San Francisco. I'm looking forward to catching up with friends, seeing our old apartment and reuniting with Elizabeth, but life is never going to be the same without a boat. What a wonderful year it has been - but it's time. Time to go "home."

But stay tuned, there is more to come on the blog as we have to catch up with videos, pictures and a few more Top 10s and "how to's."
Vessel Name: Honeymoon
Vessel Make/Model: 2004 Lagoon 380, Hull 279, Owner's Version
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Seth & Elizabeth Hynes
Seth & Elizabeth met in 2004 and have long since agreed that they did not want to live "the typical life. [...]
OUR EXPERIENCE: Seth is a lifelong sailor with over 25 years of boating experience. His family taught him to sail via ASA instruction and through many weekend trips on their family boat, a Benateau 35, sailed on Lake St. Clair, Michigan. He then moved to San Francisco where he raced with two [...]
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