The Hynes Honeymoon!

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25 May 2010 | San Francsico, CA
22 May 2010 | Brissy to Sydney, Australia
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15 January 2010
Author: Seth
Picture: Our front door upon returning. From my facial expression you can tell it is bitter-sweet.

Well, we're back in San Francisco. My flight went smooth enough and before I knew it I was walking back through the door to our old apartment. Actually, first we had to tear down the caution tape that a friend of ours thought would be fun to put over our door, but after that we were inside. It was like walking through a time warp - one minute I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt made of linen and the next I am wearing a marino wool sweater. Did you hear me?! I said WOOL people! It is ichier than I remember.

But it is not all bad news. I took the longest shower imaginable and the water never ran out. Our bedroom didn't rock when a car drove by and we didn't need to worry about dragging anchor at night. I pulled a glass out of our cupboard and expected plastic, but it was honest to goodness real glass! And I filled it with an endless supply of cold water from our refrigerator, that I was able to leave open and not worry about letting all the cold air out. I toasted a bagel and I didn't even need to turn on a 12v to 120v inverter! And when it rained (which it seems to do a lot here) I didn't have to put our sofa cushions under the bimini since our living room has windows! Wow. What a way to live!

The best part, however, has been seeing our friends. On Saturday night a good friend hosted a "welcome home" party and we caught up with everyone all at once. I'll leave you with the text from that invite, which I am sure you will all find as amusing as we did:

"Elizabeth and Seth are BACK. Not satisfied with 'any old' honeymoon, they have been hiding out in a small hamlet in Northern CA concocting one of the most elaborate hoaxes since the Loch Ness Monster and the moon landing. They have spent hours photo-shopping themselves into exotic locations and writing fake blogs about sailing in Croatia and swimming with sea turtles. When not perpetuating their deceit, Seth has been repairing lawn mowers while Elizabeth sells homemade incense and friendship bracelets.

As friends, we've all gladly gone along with this ruse to humor them and it's only fitting to perform one last act of deceit and have a 'welcome home' party to give Seth a final venue to spin yarns about pirates and 20 foot seas and Elizabeth a chance to show off her spray tan."

It's good to be back!
Vessel Name: Honeymoon
Vessel Make/Model: 2004 Lagoon 380, Hull 279, Owner's Version
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Seth & Elizabeth Hynes
Seth & Elizabeth met in 2004 and have long since agreed that they did not want to live "the typical life. [...]
OUR EXPERIENCE: Seth is a lifelong sailor with over 25 years of boating experience. His family taught him to sail via ASA instruction and through many weekend trips on their family boat, a Benateau 35, sailed on Lake St. Clair, Michigan. He then moved to San Francisco where he raced with two [...]
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Who: Seth & Elizabeth Hynes
Port: San Francisco, CA