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14 February 2010 | Half Moon Bay, California
Author: Seth
Picture: My view of the Maverick's Surf Competition. See the little speck on the bottom of the 50 foot wave? That's a surfer that feels no fear. Click here to see the slide show.

Although not completely sailing related, this blog still has something to do with the Pacific Ocean. Today I went down to Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco, to watch the Maverick's Surf Competition.

The weather was perfect - the waves were perfect - and the drop ins, well, they were not all perfect. It was supposedly the biggest day ever for the contest with the waves over 50 feet in height.

As a pure "paddle-in" competition, Mavericks is probably the most dangerous, deadly and diabolical surf competition in the world. And with by far the biggest monetary award in surfing ($50k 1st prize), this competition trades death for fame.

It doesn't get any bigger or better than this. Even if you don't surf, you'll enjoy these pictures and articles. Click here to see more of my shots... And click here to read more and see the professionals shots...
Vessel Name: Honeymoon
Vessel Make/Model: 2004 Lagoon 380, Hull 279, Owner's Version
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Seth & Elizabeth Hynes
Seth & Elizabeth met in 2004 and have long since agreed that they did not want to live "the typical life. [...]
OUR EXPERIENCE: Seth is a lifelong sailor with over 25 years of boating experience. His family taught him to sail via ASA instruction and through many weekend trips on their family boat, a Benateau 35, sailed on Lake St. Clair, Michigan. He then moved to San Francisco where he raced with two [...]
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Seth & Elizabeth Hynes

Who: Seth & Elizabeth Hynes
Port: San Francisco, CA