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First sail of 2011

31 May 2011
We were supposed to have six for Saturday (May 28): Diane, David and Julia were going to join Patti, Lily and me, but it didn't happen. So it was just the Admiral and I. The day looked gray and still, with the wind forecast to be no greater than 9 mph. I almost told Patti we should just bag it, but we decided to go anyway.

No battery yet, so a pull start for the engine, and we were off. The sun would peek out from behind the clouds for long periods of time, and the wind (blowing about 12 knots I am guessing) blew off the humidity. We had a really nice (albeit short) sail. Full main, about half the genny. Sailed out about a mile or so, then turned around and went straight back. Patti had the helm on the way back (wind on our starboard quarter) and really felt the groove. It would have been nice to stay out longer, but we had dinner plans in Norwalk with Paul and Lisa, so we had to make due.

Need to get the battery charged or a new battery; put in cotter rings.
Vessel Name: Hukilau
Vessel Make/Model: Oday 23
Hailing Port: Branford, Conn.
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