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Saturday Solo

11 September 2011
I almost didn't go sailing yesterday. I bought a new 2T hard drive so that Carl could give me his CD collection (14,300 cd's!), and I was stoked to get the unit to him today. But the weather was too nice to sit inside or do errands, and Patti was encouraging, so off to the boat I went.

There didn't seem to be much wind at all, and I bought a book with me in case I decided to just sit at the dock. And I almost did too. But the seemed to be a bit of a breeze, so I went. I am very glad I did. The wind was less than 10 knots, but it was enough. I had some very nice sailing.

Raised the main and unfurled the genny in the harbor, and the wind picked up a bit out in the Sound. I set a course east of south, and off we went. About a mile off shore, I turned more east, and ran almost to the Thimbles before turning around to head back. The weather was really wonderful, and the debris from Irene seemed to be mostly gone, although I did see some floating plywood and some other crap.

I was back in the harbor after a sail of about an hour and a half. Surprisingly, for the third time or so this year, my initial docking attempt was lame. I had to back out and try again. No harm done, but I seem to be losing my touch.
Vessel Name: Hukilau
Vessel Make/Model: Oday 23
Hailing Port: Branford, Conn.
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