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Hazy, Hot and Humid

22 July 2015
With Patti away in Calfornia with Lily, I thought I might have some time to work on the hand rails. On Friday, July 17, I left work at about 3 to go to the boat. I was meeting Ed the service manager who had volunteered to help me. The BMW had its own ideas and I had to abandon the trip to the yard for a trip to the dealer. After about an hour and a half waiting at the dealer, they gave me a loaner, and I went home.

On Saturday, David L. texted me and asked if I was going sailing on Sunday as they would love to come. Score!

I met David and Diane at the boat at about 3. It was hazy, hot and humid. Al (Catalina 250) at the end of E dock told me that there wasn't much wind out there, but we went anyway. David had brought a pitcher of Madras mix and a bottle of Absolut Rasberry. Very refreshing. We raised sail out in the Sound and sailed vaguely southwest. There was a modest breeze, and we sailed at about two knots for a couple of hours as we drank, ate and chatted. For the most part, we were in the shade of the sails, so it was very nice.

I looked up, and we were well past Branford Reef, so we turned around. We decided to pick up a mooring in the harbor and take a swim. However, the sky was looking a bit threatening, and worse, biting flies started attacking us, especially as we got into the harbor. We decided to head back to the dock and maybe take a swim in the pool.

By the time we got the boat put away, Diane and David had decided to go for dinner or home; I was meeting Mom and Dad. A great day. It wasn't until just now that I realzed that they didn't return my Sailing 101 book! Oh well...
Vessel Name: Hukilau
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 28
Hailing Port: Branford, Conn.
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