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Father's Day

21 June 2016
Patti had offered to come sailing with me for Father's Day, and I was excited: a beautiful day was predicted. The plan was to go sailing in the morning, then head over to Dad's for a late lunch at 2.

Well, the town of Branford decided to have a Father's Day Road Race, which essentially closed the road to the marina from about 9 am to 12. Patti suggested we go early, but we realized that we couldn't leave the dog by himself from 8 to 6 or so. My next suggestion was to get to the boat at 12, then sail for a couple of hours before going to Dad's. But that wouldn't work. Patti revealed that Dan and Serena were going to surprise me by coming in on a 1 pm train. I had to admit that was better; so we decided we would go sailing after lunch.

Had a great lunch with Dad, Mom, Dave, Jill, Caleb, Dan and Serena. At about 4, Patti, Dan Serena and I headed over to the boat. I realized that I still hadn't tightened the shrouds, so I took a few minutes to make that happen. We headed out in perfect weather. In the harbor, Dan asked if we could just unroll the Genny, so we sailed very gently in light winds. We sailed around in the harbor, then tacked out to the Sound. But since Dan wanted to get the 6:25 train back to NYC, we didn't sail long. At about 5:30, we headed back in.

When I went to start the engine, I pressed the start button; nothing. I tried several times, but no reaction. I had a couple of instances earlier where I got no response the first time I pressed, but I had put that down to not pressing the center of the button or not hard enough, etc. Now, the button was dead. Ugh. She started up on the third pull, so all ended up well, but jeez. It cost a lot of money to fix that the last time. I'm not sure I want to keep dumping money into this engine. Maybe I'll just go with the pull start.

Anyway, back to the dock with no problems, then Dan and Serena to the station. I'm sorry Lily couldn't come, but she says she'll be back for the 4th and she wants to go sailing.
Vessel Name: Hukilau
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 28
Hailing Port: Branford, Conn.
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