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New table, old friends

13 September 2020
Mike Stern
I was hoping to go sailing one day this weekend, but Dan and Serena (who came up on Saturday to borrow a car) didn't want to go. And Sunday looked to be very breezy. It was.

But I decided that on Sunday, I would at least install my new teak cup/binoculars holder/cockpit table. I saw somewhere on one of my websites that someone had found this budget product on Amazon and had saved the link. I had always wanted one, but when I looked on line, the cheapest one was over $600, and they had models up to $1200. Crazy. Even the "kits", which didn't include the table itself, only the hardware, were over $250.

But this Amazon special, which had rave reviews, was $242. I dithered a bit, but decided to pull the trigger last week. It came on Thursday, and I installed it on Sunday. Unlike the Edson and other "official" tables, it doesn't fold up with locking brackets. It's basically a lovely teak tray that is loose. When not in use, it hangs from a teak cup/binoculars holder that is clamped to the binnacle. When you want to use the table, you take the tray out and fit the end between two bars on the holder. A pin makes sure it doesn't slide out. Simple.

It took about an hour to install, as the directions were less than clear. Nevertheless, I think it came out great.

And we got a chance to use it that day as David and Diane came on the boat for the first time this summer. It was breezy; I knew too breezy for Patti and probably too breezy for most of this crowd. So we decided to motor to the harbor and pick up a mooring. Ol' 210 was already taken (first time that's happened to us this summer), so we proceeded to another mooring with a whip. Only this whip wasn't attached to a line with a loop. So we proceeded to another mooring with a whip. I was watching the depth closely as this was an area I had never been in before and the chart showed 3.9 feet of depth. However, the wind and tide were both pushing more water into the harbor, so we were fine. We picked up the very gross line and shut down the engine.

Up goes the new table, and out comes the wine and beer. We sat, talked and drank for about an hour and a half before the low sun and a nasty looking cloud made us decide to go in and get dinner at Dockside.

Not too many more outings this year, but I'm determined to make the most of it.

As for the head: I took a page from Peggy the Headmistress, and pumped fresh water laced with vinegar through the head inlet. Then had the tank pumped out. If the smell is gone later this week, we'll have found the culprit. If not, then major plumbing surgery will be the next step. Fingers crossed.
Vessel Name: Hukilau
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 28
Hailing Port: Branford, Conn.
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