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Ready to Sail

22 May 2021
Mike Stern
Hukilau was splashed earlier this week while Patti and I were on Amelia Island; that's almost two weeks before I thought we'd get in!

Before we went to Florida, I went to the boat to do paint touch ups, and to fix the divot on the leading edge of the keel. I thought I would use thickened epoxy, but my yard neighbor Rich had some fiberglass cloth that he happily gave to me. I wet out the cloth on the wood blocks beneath the keel, and put two or three layers on. I came back a few days later to paint the shaft and prop (it had been too windy the last time) and to finish the repair and paint it. I put at least three coats of zinc paint on the prop and shaft; let's hope I get better results than last year. I also wound up replacing the zincs. I bought new ones at the yard chandlery. After this work, I called the yard and told them I was ready to splash.

Today, Josh and I bent on the sails. It was hot and humid, with a very light breeze. The genoa went up, no problem. The main took a little longer, mostly because I wanted to add the new blocks I bought over the winter (at Mystic Consignment) to the reefing lines. Unfortunately, the shackle I bought was too small to fit through the cringle; but I had a spare large shackle in the tool kit, and I used that one plus another smaller one to affix one of the "new" blocks to the aft reefing line. I still have the other block, but I'm going to need to buy a larger shackle to make it work on the forward cringle.

Josh and I also tried to put the new anchor on. Problem: the shackles that affix the old anchor to the rode were so corroded we couldn't budge them. I'm going to have to bring Mr. Angle Grinder to the marina and cut off the last link so I can put the new Mantus anchor on. At least Josh and I got the new anchor assembled.

We also measured the chain and rode - finally. I have fifty feet of chain, and probably 200 feet of line. We put tape on the chain every ten feet until we got to "30". At 30, we put the anchor rode marker that says "30". Then we put the anchor rode markers at 60, 90, and 120. We stopped there because of the bugs. The no-see-ums were out in force today. We used bug spray, and that worked for awhile, but then it got less effective. Josh was especially tasty to them; I was planning on cleaning the interior, washing down the deck and installing the cockpit table today, but I felt bad for the boy so we called it quits after about three hours of work.

I did remove the "spare" anchor and rode. I don't think I ever looked at it before. It's a slightly smaller Danforth. There's maybe five feet of chain, and about 150 feet of line. My plan is to make Bruce's new Danforth the spare. This Anchor is crusty, and the splice that attaches the anchor to the line isn't a splice; it's a bowline. I'm not sure it's salvageable as an anchor rode; I may wind up tossing the anchor and the line. We'll see. I brought it home and used the angle grinder to cut the anchor free of the rode. Good practice. I

The boat was otherwise commissioned; the new batteries were installed, and the lazy jack was replaced from when the shrink wrappers disconnected it. And I started the engine on one battery, no problem. I watched the exhaust kick out pink stuff and let her run for about a minute before I shut her down.

I still have to check to make sure the water system is done.

She needs a good cleaning, inside and out, but we're ready to sail.

Vessel Name: Hukilau
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 28
Hailing Port: Branford, Conn.
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