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Away for the Winter

02 November 2021
Mike Stern
On Oct 31, we put the boat away for the season. David came down to the boat to help Patti and I remove the sails, the canvas and other stuff. It took us about two hours, but there were no major problems.

The plan for the winter is to take the mast down for the first time and do an inspection. I'm planning on replacing the standing and running rigging for next season, as I'm pretty sure that the current kit is original. I will also take the opportunity to replace the Windex and check the steaming light. I've asked the yard to give me a quote for new standing rigging.

Of course, I'm also expecting my new Coop-approved Quantum sails sometime this winter.

Brief update on the head situation: turns out the tank was full to overflowing and had clogged the vent. They emptied the tank, blew it clean with disinfectant and it seems that the problem is solved! Fingers crossed.

I'm looking forward to seeing the keel repair work, as well as to check on how well the zinc paint worked on the prop and shaft.

For next season:

Main halyard
Jib halyard
standing rigging

Vessel Name: Hukilau
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 28
Hailing Port: Branford, Conn.
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