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09 August 2018
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25 August 2017 | Roscoe Bay
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22 June 2017 | Passage to Pacific Northwest
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Final Projects for Homeward Passage

29 May 2017
The list of boat projects always grow prior to a passage. Whether they're born from a moment of reflection or the discovery of a new problem - they just do. I cannot tell you why the radar or even a sheet winch will cease to function after several months of inactivity, but that's exactly what happens. Some captains say boats are like their wives - ignore them and it will cost you!
Aside from rebuilding the ship's heads (toilets) or routine engine maintenance, this stay has been unusually busy with sail repair, and a few improvements I've been planning to do for some time. First up was sewing a cover for the life raft , then I hand-stitch a leather cover around the helm wheels.
The final touch to our new helms was a "Turks head", so you know when the wheel is centered without looking. Then, I finally made a comfy cushion for the cockpit.

Since Home Depot only had one piece of foam, one will have to do. Kauai is an Island, so it's a bit ironic that it's so hard to find boat stuff locally.
Cheers from Huzzah.
Vessel Name: Huzzah
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 45.2 built in '99 for the BVI Charter fleet. Purchased in 2011 in Seattle, and began an extensive re-fit.
Hailing Port: Gig Harbor, WA
Crew: Gerry & Jody Gilbert
About: Retired professionals living the dream. Gerry & friends do the ocean passages, wife Jody & the kids fly in for the cruising. Departed the PNW for Mexico & So. Pacific September 2015, Returned to Gig Harbor July 2017 .
Huzzah \(ˌ)hə-ˈzä\ : an exclamation of joy, applause, appreciation — or shout of acclaim. Huzzah may be categorized with such interjections as hoorah and hooray. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), in the 17th and 18th centuries it was identified as a sailor's cheer or [...]
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