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22 June 2017 | Passage to Pacific Northwest
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First 200 mile day - Passage days 8 & 9

15 June 2017 | Passage to Pacific Northwest
I quietly cheered last night while logging our 20:00 hours (8 pm) position. As the off-watch crew was below sleeping, we had set a new milestone for our epic two-year voyage aboard Huzzah by sailing 202 nm's in a 24 hour period! We had previously recorded a handful of times we had covered more than 170 miles in a day, but never the �"double century�" as I call it. After sailing 11,567 miles it finally happened, and it felt good! It's a record for Scott as well, so we did a quick fist-bump at watch change as I slipped below to get my wet rain gear off in route to my bunk for some sleep. Oh, how the little things matter at sea. The weather conditions that created this opportunity were due to a big low pressure system heading East across our path, packing 25 - 35 kt winds. We knew days in advance of this, and were well prepared with everything properly stowed and a thorough check of our sails and rigging completed. We were also fortunate enough to catch the back side of the system and ride it NE for a day, with its wind at our back. With a double-reefed main and a quadruple reef in the genoa set on the whisker pole, we were off faster than a prom queen's dress! With a 10 -12' average wave height, we had plenty of surfing moments and would routinely hit 11 knots, with the occasional 14 kt ride. It's not as much fun as it sounds, however. In the dark of night, with all the sounds of wind and water crashing off the waves and the autopilot swinging the wheels back and forth as the boat slaloms down the waves - it's nerve racking for me. The weather remains cold and wet with interior temperatures in the 58 - 62 range. Lots of �"sideways�" rain blows into the cockpit and we're all wearing fleece, raingear and boots. I had to loan Scott socks so he could get his boots off without help! I think his price to deliver a boat to this area just increased. We doubt the Mahi Mahi are fans of cold water either, but we'll try Tuna. Our box scores to date; Avg speed 6.2kts./148 nm/day, Distanced sailed 25, Distance to Cape Flattery (rhumb line) 1,050, Distance to Gig Harbor =1,200. Cheers from Huzzah.
Vessel Name: Huzzah
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 45.2 built in '99 for the BVI Charter fleet. Purchased in 2011 in Seattle, and began an extensive re-fit.
Hailing Port: Gig Harbor, WA
Crew: Gerry & Jody Gilbert
About: Retired professionals living the dream. Gerry & friends do the ocean passages, wife Jody & the kids fly in for the cruising. Departed the PNW for Mexico & So. Pacific September 2015, Returned to Gig Harbor July 2017 .
Huzzah \(ˌ)hə-ˈzä\ : an exclamation of joy, applause, appreciation — or shout of acclaim. Huzzah may be categorized with such interjections as hoorah and hooray. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), in the 17th and 18th centuries it was identified as a sailor's cheer or [...]
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