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09 August 2018
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We’re on a boat!

09 July 2018
After ten months away from cruising, Jody & I are aboard Huzzah again. Once the bottom painting and launching were complete, we began the arduous task of getting everything in place for our annual cruise north. Ten days later we were (mostly) ready to go. And while that sounds like a long time, it's not to bad considering we'll be aboard for two months. I tend to the equipment and systems, while Jody plans and prepares the food and provisions. She does a lot of time-consuming pre-packaging and pre-freezing of our favorite foods, something we are always thankful for.

While we had originally planned to travel 1,800 miles to Alaska and back this year, our new reality has us doing a modest 700 mile round trip with a focus on short days and plenty of stops at marinas for our needed exercise. Our yacht club membership pays dividends here as most of our stops in the San Juan and Gulf Islands are free!

After departing Gig Harbor we spent our first night in Port Ludlow, which positioned us well to make an easy crossing of the Straits of Jun de Fuca the following day. It was an exceptionally clam day and we made good time allowing us to set our hook in Roche Harbor well before happy hour. The harbor was packed for the Fourth of July fireworks show, so I didn't sleep so well that night. Afterwards, we continued north to Prevost Hbr. for the night, allowing us a wonderful 4 mile hike on Stuart Island the following morning. We then cleared customs into Canada's Gulf Islands. After stopping at the farmers market at Ganges Hbr. for some fresh greens, we finally had our first epic sail north in a fresh southerly with the Code Screecher flying. I think Jody's smile from the helm says it all.

Cheers from Huzzah!
Vessel Name: Huzzah
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 45.2 built in '99 for the BVI Charter fleet. Purchased in 2011 in Seattle, and began an extensive re-fit.
Hailing Port: Gig Harbor, WA
Crew: Gerry & Jody Gilbert
About: Retired professionals living the dream. Gerry & friends do the ocean passages, wife Jody & the kids fly in for the cruising. Departed the PNW for Mexico & So. Pacific September 2015, Returned to Gig Harbor July 2017 .
Huzzah \(ˌ)hə-ˈzä\ : an exclamation of joy, applause, appreciation — or shout of acclaim. Huzzah may be categorized with such interjections as hoorah and hooray. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), in the 17th and 18th centuries it was identified as a sailor's cheer or [...]
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