Historic Vessel Vega

This historic humanitarian relief vessel spends her time delivering educational and medical supplies to isolated island communities in South East Asia.

Vessel Name: Historic Vessel Vega
Vessel Make/Model: Built at Olve Hardanger Norway winter of 1893-94
About: Most of Vega's crew are volunteers who join us for a month or so to help us deliver medical and educational supplies to isolated island communities in East Asia.
Home Page: www.sailvega.com
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25 July 2015

The Vega Adventures A rip roaring good sea tale and its all true

Early in 1892, one of Norway's finest boat builders launched a sailing legend.

17 January 2011

Vega answers a call for help from the midwives of East Timor

In rural East Timor where health services are few and far between it is often the local midwife who not only brings babies into the world but also assists with child & woman's health - doing stand in duty as the community health worker. These are usually unpaid dedicated people whose main concern is [...]

22 December 2010

Latest Historic Vessel Vega website updates posted

Merry Christmas and all that. We just posted the latest updates to our website with lots of new pictures and information that people were always asking for. Hope you like it and would love to have your comments. www.sailvega.com

10 December 2010 | Banda Besar

Vega Delivers Educational Materials to Banda Besar

Thanks to Jotun Paints (Singapore) we were able to provide many of Banda Besar's elementary school children with exercise books, and other supplies they need, but many cannot afford.

06 December 2010 | South East Asia

September - October Vega newsletter

Well at last we have the September - October newsletter out. We do not get so far behind from being lazy but due to the complete lack of network connections on the isolated islands we deliver our medical and educational supplies to. This time of year is when we get a chance to catch up.

Lars Nerhus great great grandson of Vega's builder

03 December 2010 | Olve, Norway
Lars Nerhus

Historian and great great grandson of Ola Nerhus, has VEGA's original half model and states, "VEGA" was well known as a great ship. She was a (true) Nerhus Hardanger Jacht, with that typical hull form and heart shaped stern.

"I was always told that "VEGA" was the best and strongest Jacht my great great grandfather ever built"!

The picture shows Lars Nerhus holding a painting of VEGA, done by his great grandfather Jens Nerhus in 1898. Behind him on his right is the boat yard and shed where VEGA was built. Find out more at www.sailvega.com or www.sailvega.wordpress.com
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