25 January 2010 | Fort Pierce FL
26 April 2009 | Leeward Islands
11 April 2009 | St Barts
11 April 2009 | St. Barts
14 March 2009 | leeward Islands
12 March 2009 | Leeward Islands
07 February 2009 | St Thomas
20 January 2009 | St. Thomas USVI
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24 November 2008 | In the Exumas Bahamas
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25 November 2007 | Grand Bahamas Island
20 November 2007 | Grand bahamas Island
20 November 2007 | West Palm Beach, FL


25 January 2010 | Fort Pierce FL
Rick and Linda Wilson
Sad to say but glad it went quick. IATO is sold and will be enjoyed by someone else now. When the time is right we will buy a new boat and continue our journey.


26 April 2009 | Leeward Islands
We finally left St Barts. They had to kick us out. LOL

We sailed 30 miles SW to the island of Saba. We have seen and sailed past this island for years and had never visited. Saba is 5 square miles of nothing but volcano. Nothing but rock reaching 2800 feet which is the tallest point in the eastern Caribbean. What a nice surprise we found visiting the island. There are 1400 residents and 300 yes medical students that reside on the island. Not one beach to sit on but it is one of the best cared islands in the chain. Their are two small towns and all, and I mean all the homes are very well cared for set in narrow European streets. Very pretty, and being up almost 3000 feet the views are incredible. The best part is the people. Very, very friendly and they really make you feel welcome.

We visited a glass bead store and Linda was in heaven. As you can see they creat their own glass beads and other pieces of art work right there on the spot. They made Linda's year buy asking her if she would like to try. Hence the picture. What a blast.

Saba is known for it's diving and now I know why. I did two dives and so far this is the best, healty coral that I have ever seen. Right off shore you can explore the lava flow off the island. I think that one reason for the beautiful sea life is the fact that out among the lava flow their is thermal water flowing out of the ground. Down on the bottom when you see the sand and it is yellow you can put your hand in the sand and it is very warm. The island is working on capturing the thermal flow to provide the power for the island. About 100 yards off shore the sea drops straight down creating shear walls full of coral.
So if you like quiet and or diving, Saba is a great find.

Max the Rasta Dog

11 April 2009 | St Barts

Hea, this is MAX the Rasta Dog. I haven't written in a long time. I've been so busy traveling that I didn't have the time. I am in St. Barts parked off Shell Beach. I've been pretty lucky because the Admiral and Captain have been taking me to the beach almost every day. That might sound great to some but let me tell you that it does come with risks.
Every time we go to the shore I'm faced with others of my kind. I still haven't figured out how to play with them and they scare the poop out of me. Two days ago I met three long haired dogs of my type. What did they think they were hippies. When they tried to come over and talk I told them in no uncertain terms that I didn't like their type and they should move to another part of the beach. Yesterday this mammoth black dog was hanging around and when he walked by I lost my mind. I don't know what made me do it but I ran after him giving him a piece of my mind. Now that I think of it, that mongrel could have shut me up with just one bite.
I don't mind the dingy ride into shore but now the Admiral and Captain think I should swim from the boat to shore. Man that's a long way for a guy that has three inch legs. At least the Captain lets me rest riding on his chest from time to time. Then the worst part when we get back to the boat he makes me take a cold shower out back. What that about. I just got out of the water then you pour water all over me. These humans have a mean streak in them. I'll teach them, some day I'll just pee in their bed.

Vessel Name: IATO
Vessel Make/Model: 40' Manta Catamaran
Hailing Port: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Crew: Rick and Linda Wilson
About: We recently retired and are setting out to fulfill our dreams. We hope to cruise to new places and new worlds.
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Created 23 April 2009
5 square miles, 3,300 feet high
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From Rum Cay we spent 30 hours to Turks and Cacos. And 24 hours to the Turks to Luperon, Dominican Republic.
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had our last hoorah at our friend Iska's boat the night before we left Georgetown.. Had a ball! thanks Ida and Ian
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Created 9 December 2008
So wonderful to meet other Women doing the Same thing and share experiences and ideas. You have an INSTANT "soul" connection. I found the most wonderful woman that pulled me under their wings and gave me friendship, love and support. I hope I can pass the love wherever I go.
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Thanksgiving dinner on Ishka with friends in Georgetown
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Pictures from Warick Wells Cay, Port Lucaya
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New York, CT, MA
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our trip to Cape Town and Durban SA
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We had a get together in Freeport Grand Bahamas Island. These are the picture of the 8 day stay.
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We spent 4 days in the New York City area. These are a sample of the many pictures we took
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Leaving the Chesapeake we started out trip from Chesapeake City to Cape May, NJ.
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We will meet many new friends traveling. We are going to try and include as many on our site as we can. Each person is special in their own way and will add to our life.
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Who: Rick and Linda Wilson
Port: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida