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Chronicling the adventures of Jo, Sarah & Alice.

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Vessel Name: Ibiza
Vessel Make/Model: Polaris 43
Hailing Port: Long Beach, CA
Crew: Jo Russell
About: Anita Jo Russell - Born in 1960, retired from the rat race in 2007. Professional life was spent as an Avionics Mechanic, Aerospace Engineer, Program Manager, Plant Manager & Process Engineer / Lean Expert, mostly at Honeywell Aerospace.
Rounding out the crew are Sarah and Alice, my furry, four legged deck hands... er, paws. :o) Ibiza is a 1979, Robert Perry designed Polaris 43. The underbody / hull is very similar to a Valiant. The main difference is the flush deck and higher freeboard that gives us significantly more [...]
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/ibiza/
Ibiza's Photos - The Boat: Before the Never Ending Refit
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Looking forward from the salon, the  main berth (such as it is) is to starboard and the forepeak is a work area with tool box and lots of storage for all of those tools and spare parts.
Looking forward from the companionway to the salon.  Notice the plywood cabinetry on the starboard side.  Functional but yuck!  This was originally a pipe berth that the first owner converted to usable storage space.
Nav  station.
Galley.  Note the HUGE sink.  That is definitely a keeper!  Also note the ugly and not very well installed formica that is definitely not a keeper.
Another view of the galley.
Looking aft from the pointy end.  Note the HORRIBLE teak deck.  The deck leaked so badly that when ever we washed to boat, the bilge pump would run all most constantly.
The cockpit with its huge, space hogging binnacle.
Looking forward from the housetop.  Note the ill fitting sail cover that is tied on with bits of string.
Original wooden hatches that leaked.

About Ibiza & Crew

Who: Jo Russell
Port: Long Beach, CA

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