Log of s/v Ibiza

Chronicling the adventures of Jo, Sarah & Alice.

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Vessel Name: Ibiza
Vessel Make/Model: Polaris 43
Hailing Port: Long Beach, CA
Crew: Jo Russell
About: Anita Jo Russell - Born in 1960, retired from the rat race in 2007. Professional life was spent as an Avionics Mechanic, Aerospace Engineer, Program Manager, Plant Manager & Process Engineer / Lean Expert, mostly at Honeywell Aerospace.
Rounding out the crew are Sarah and Alice, my furry, four legged deck hands... er, paws. :o) Ibiza is a 1979, Robert Perry designed Polaris 43. The underbody / hull is very similar to a Valiant. The main difference is the flush deck and higher freeboard that gives us significantly more [...]
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/ibiza/
Ibiza's Photos - Heros and friends
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Eileen & Kathy
The best wheel and brake team in the world... Kingman, AZ 2004
Jo with Margaret & Hal Roth
now I remember why I don
Darla Jean
Roger & Katie
Roger, Holly & Katie
Larry Pardey, Mel, Jo & Lin Pardey
Barbara Merrett
Bridgett McManus
Sherri, Jo, Bob, Rich & Sheri Crow, Holly
Bob, Sherri & Marne
The winning crew of Nirvana
Bob & Marne
Bob & Holly
Gracie the dog
Chuck & I having too much fun in Cabo
Turtle Bay...
Rusty having too much fun

About Ibiza & Crew

Who: Jo Russell
Port: Long Beach, CA

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