Mystery - the Trip Home

Purchase of our boat and the trip home to Canada

Vessel Name: Mystery
Vessel Make/Model: Irwin Citation 34
Hailing Port: Saint John, NB
Crew: Linda and Rik
22 July 2010 | Penobscot Bay somewhere
19 July 2010 | Rockland ME
18 July 2010
17 July 2010 | Belfast ME
14 July 2010 | Belfast ME
10 July 2010 | Bah's Bake House - Castine ME
06 July 2010 | Cuttler to NE Harbour
05 July 2010 | nice day on the water
03 July 2010 | Saint Andrews, NB
02 July 2010 | Fredericton, NB, Canada - Saint John river
23 May 2010 | Fredericton, NB, Canada - Saint John river
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22 July 2010 | Penobscot Bay somewhere

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19 July 2010 | Rockland ME

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July 18 2010

17 July 2010 | Belfast ME

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July 16 and 17 2010

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July 14 2010

10 July 2010 | Bah's Bake House - Castine ME

July 06 10 to July 10 10

Been a few days, been without wifi. Moved around a bit, had a few "adventures".

Irwin Citation 34 - off on her own exploring :(

23 May 2010 | Fredericton, NB, Canada - Saint John river
Rik - Hot and sunny
Hi all

This weekend has been great. For us in Canada it is a long weekend -
Monday is a holiday! Right now, the weather is clear blue, sunny and the
temp is 28.7 Celsius ( 83.7 Fahrenheit). Yesterday we got the sails
bent on, did a bunch of cleaning and stowing of gear. Worked to free up
the stinky holding tank vent line (I replaced all the rest before launch
last year). At 3 pm we had to leave so we took the boat back to her
mooring and headed out. Our club is on the Saint John river - and we
have a moderate current at times and yesterday the wind was blowing up
and across the river - so, she was a bit goofy on the mooring.

Today we headed down to the boat after church and as we were driving
along the river just before the boat club, I couldn't see Mystery.
???? As we got into the yard, we looked again, and Mystery was NOT on
her mooring. So in the time it took us to almost have heart attacks, we
got out of the car and low and behold, she was tied up to the dock.

It seems, about 30 minutes after we left yesterday, then main shackle
that keeps the mooring pendants to the mooring chain gave way. And,
because of the way the wind was blowing, she drifted INTO the dock, and
not 125 miles down river to the ocean! She also drifted in, without
hitting any other boats, nudged up against Andy's boat (and Andy was on
his boat), he jumped out, threw down the fenders that I had tied and
lain on deck, grabbed the dock lines that I had left on and coiled on
deck and tied up Mystery behind his own boat.

My buddy said I should either put a few more sheckles in the offering
plate next week, buy a lottery ticket, or both!

We had a great day on board this afternoon. We took Captain Hook out
for his first boat ride and he loved it. Explored all around the boat
and settled either up to the starboard side under the dodger, on the
main settee or in the V-berth. I guess we have a "boat cat" BTW - we bought a "Cat Walking Jacket" for him and I did some customizing - added very reflective tape. If he goes swimming at night, without it I would never ever see him!

Shalom all

Rik and Linda and Captain Hook
Mystery's Photos - Main
We adopted / resuced an SPCA cat in March. He is 1.5 years old and is our boat cat.
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Created 23 May 2010
These are photos from our preparation and trip from Annapolis MD to Fredericton, NB
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Created 25 April 2009

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