Vessel Name: ICE BEAR
Vessel Make/Model: Privilege 39
Hailing Port: Victoria Canada
Crew: Don and Cindy
About: From Vancouver Island British Columbia. Retired and enjoying relaxing Cruising.
Extra: we were hard core racers having sailed many many miles and loved the Long distance races with our previous three boats and friends boats but now we are pulling the throttles back. Even though ICE BEAR has a very nice turn of speed.
11 September 2018
03 August 2018
13 July 2018
27 June 2018 | Nafplio
11 June 2018
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11 September 2018

starting back

We stern tied in the new marina in Rodos. The marina staff were busy directing boats to their spots and actively keeping captains from poaching services from the

03 August 2018

trip to Rhodes

Woohoo we have made it to the farthest point east we will visit while traveling in a easterly direction from this point forward everywhere we visit we will need to travel west.

13 July 2018

June 2018

The month of June was spent bouncing from one Cyclades island to another we left Nafplio and anchored in Kheli and back to Poros then bounced through Kithnos to Serifos where the restaurant across from where we tied put a little pig on a spit and tortured us with the wonderful smell of cooking meat. [...]

27 June 2018 | Nafplio


It seems everyone here has named their wind in Croatia last year we watched for Bora and Jugo. There are Sirocco from Africa bringing hot air and red sand and Maestral in France.

11 June 2018


The next port was Poros an island separated from the Peloponnese by a small shallow channel. When we arrived the channel side quay didn't look very busy so we picked our spot. The docking went well the owner of the boat we tied next to helped with the lines then this guy appeared and started to tell [...]

01 June 2018

Corinth canal

We left Kiaton a little after 7 am which was about perfect for a 9 am transit time. The hand held radio was switched to the canal control frequency and as we neared the opening we could hear boats checking in. By now we had been tied to a quay with every one of them. Our convoy ended up being 8 boats [...]

June 2018

13 July 2018
The month of June was spent bouncing from one Cyclades island to another we left Nafplio and anchored in Kheli and back to Poros then bounced through Kithnos to Serifos where the restaurant across from where we tied put a little pig on a spit and tortured us with the wonderful smell of cooking meat. It was here we noticed the starboard raw water pump was leaking into the engine room at a great enough rate that we needed to close the intake valve while sitting at the quay. One of our neighbours suggested we try a mechanic in Paros that they had used with great success. We left for Paros but unfortunately we had difficulty
contacting him. Combine that with the uncomfy surge from the ferries and a new Meltimi on the way we decided to run to an abandoned marina on Syros. The protection was awesome we also found a skilled mechanic to replace the bearing and seal in the raw water pump for a price that made doing it ourselves kinda silly. Once the Meltimi left we went to Tinos. A place of pilgrimage for the Orthodox Greek. The Church of Evagelistra which was built on the site of the discovery of the Holy icon of Panagia ( Virgin Mary ). There is 800 meters of carpet runner going up the avenue of Leoforos Megalocharis the main road going up from quay to the church. People use this to crawl up the steep hill to seek the blessing of the Holy Icon some even crawl with these really long candles. The shops here sold all sorts of religious things pictures and incense as well as those really long candles. Three or four people crawled to the top each day we were in port however we had been told that during the holy holidays so many people come that many end up sleeping on the streets as there isn't enough accomodation for everyone. While in Tinos we hopped a fast cat and visited Myconos and Delos. Myconos was as beautiful as all the cities here but geared more towards the tourist with money and a need to party. Many of the bars and clubs promised a
lgbt friendly environment. From here we boarded a boat to the island of Delos birth place of Apollo and Artemis. If it wasn't for a small staff of caretakers The island of Delos would be uninhabited it is however covered in ancient ruins going back to the 3rd millennium BC with no water or natural resources it was truly a case of location location a safe port in the middle of important trade routes. It was even deemed so sacred to ancient Ionians that no one was permitted be born or die on its soil. From Tinos we went back to the island of Paros but this time we anchored in a bay at the northern end of the island near the town of Naousa where we met back up with the Australian cat from from Preveza and her newest set of crew as well as a Canadian couple from Vancouver such a small world. Next we went to Naxos. We phoned in to the marina and talked to a lovely man and found out thanks to the Canadian couple we had just met we were expected and a spot was waiting for us. One of the most noticeable things about Naxos is the huge marble door frame perched on a outcrop in front of the city. This huge door way was almost all that was left of a temple to Apollo seems it was so big no one could figure out how to take the pieces and incorporate them into their building. We spent 4 days here enjoying the city and the company of new friends. hehehe Even got a hair cut you know that annoying one that keeps falling into your eye. Once again the weather forced us to make new plans a reverse Meltimi with wind coming from the south I guess maybe a Sirocco? We hopped through Paros to Sifnos and Milos to get back to the island of Serifos to hide from the weird wind. Once again the smell of pig on a spit called to us. While waiting for the wind to calm down we took a bus to the top of a big hill to the town of Serifos and took in the most amazing view of the water and islands around us. Emmet decided he didn't want to walk down the hill and spent the next hour and a half on the bus meeting new people. Luckily for us when we made it back down to where the bus sat between runs he was sitting in the middle of a bus seat waiting to go home. Oohh ya we also learned that the octopus we see hanging from racks in front of restaurants are drying and tenderizing in the sun for the next days meal.
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