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Vessel Name: Iceman46
Vessel Make/Model: Sea Ray Sundancer 400
Hailing Port: Ecarte Marime , Port Lambton , Ontario, Canada
Crew: Wayne Franklin and Lori Tratnjek
About: yearly cruising of between 1000 & 2000 kt miles thru Lakes Huron & Georgian Bay and/or Lake Erie and/or the Eire Canal , Hudson River , Lake Champlain, St. Lawrence River , Ottawa River, Rideau , and/or Trent-Severn Canal systems
07 January 2021
26 December 2020
26 December 2020
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07 January 2021

October 21st & forward

I returned to the boat on the October 21st and with Gerald's help the batteries were removed and I cleaned under the battery cases and applied a layer of gel coat. I also looked for a way to run power from the new to be installed inverter to the power panel in the boat cabin. It took quite a while but [...]

31 December 2020

September 14th to September 21st

We left at sunrise for Kincardine and had good seas and were able to cut straight south instead of following the shore line for protection as we had done last year. We visited with Rick and Cheryl and left before sun up in order to miss an early afternoon wind direction change that never happened !! You've got to love weather forecasts !! We were in Sarnia before noon and stayed for a week. I rented a car and we drove to Ingersoll for Lori's car and visited friends a bit before heading to Ecarte Marine for winter storage.

29 December 2020

August 27th to September 13th

We got an early start crossing Rice Lake and up the Otonabee River to Peterborough by 1pm. We plan to stay a week as we enjoyed our stay before and were always on the move. Shopping , walking , dinghy rides and of course wings at Riley's on Tuesday night. The local boaters were always on the dock in [...]

26 December 2020

August 23 to August 27th

On the 23rd we headed for Napanee for a couple of nights and hoped to see boaters we met last year. Not much going on here , few boats and the town was not busy . We walked a bit both days.

26 December 2020

August 19th to August 22nd

We up early and left for Kingston Mills Locks in order to arrive for the first lock . We had to wait about an hour and then locked down through the 4 locks and into Lake Ontario basin at Kingston and we headed for Picton arriving at 2pm and Marianne picked us up and took us to their place. We were there [...]

September 27th - October 9th

20 October 2019
Wayne Franklin
Hi ,
We got a pump out in Sarnia and I headed to St Clair Harbour for fuel and then to Ecarte Marina . Lori drove her car to the marina and started the laundry until I got there . We went to the Black Goose for lunch and then returned to change and sample the oil and change the oil filters .
On the 28th Lori defrosted the fridge and I changed the fuel racor filters for all motors . We talked to George and Jenny .
We tidied up the boat and drove home . I returned to the boat Sunday night to continue getting the boat ready for winter storage .
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