Ika Moana 2017 tour

18 July 2017 | Vanua Levu Island, Fiji
16 July 2017 | Malakati Bay, Yasawas, Fiji
13 July 2017 | Somosomo Bay, Naviti Island, Fiji
12 July 2017 | Between Musket Cove and Yasawas
10 July 2017 | Denarau, Fiji
06 July 2017 | Ro Ro Reef, Fiji
05 July 2017 | Musket Cove, Fiji
02 July 2017 | Manta Ray Passage, Naviti Island, Yasawas, Fiji
30 June 2017 | Nacula Island, Yasawas, Fiji
28 June 2017 | Yadua Island
26 June 2017 | Leaving Savusavu
22 June 2017 | Bay of Islands, Vanua Balavu, Fiji
21 June 2017 | Daliconi Village, Vanua Balavu, Fiji
19 June 2017 | Between Tonga and Fiji
18 June 2017 | Leaving Tonga
16 June 2017 | Euakafa Island, Vava'u, Tonga
15 June 2017 | Tapana Island, Vava'u, Tonga
13 June 2017 | Malafakalava, Vava'u, Tonga
11 June 2017 | Vaka'eitu Island, Vava'u, Tonga
09 June 2017 | Kenutu Island, Vava'u, Tonga

Vinaka Fiji

18 July 2017 | Vanua Levu Island, Fiji
Woke up in a magic spot, went for a swim, motored for another hour and then anchored in another magic spot. Love Fiji! The weather is amazing, the beaches are amazing, the water is crystal clear and the snorkelling is fantastamazia (Paige's new word). We've loved having friends and family around and meeting lots of other new and interesting people. This is the last blog post. Tomorrow is clean up and then we're flying home. Nathan will come back for the boat. Most awesome trip. Final pic is me (just to prove that I was here too). Good times.

Sunsets, night swims and bonfires

16 July 2017 | Malakati Bay, Yasawas, Fiji
Another lovely day in the Yasawas. Returned to our favourite beach so far. One of the amazing things about cruising is meeting other families and hearing their stories. Today we met a family from Christchurch and a family from Nelson. Between us, we got to 9 kids. Our new friends made an amazing beach shelter, which became the 4pm beach bar. Old sailors drunk rum and the ladies sipped vino. Kids played, parents told stories, kids went evening swimming, we all sat around the bonfire. Good times..

Intrepid snorkellers

13 July 2017 | Somosomo Bay, Naviti Island, Fiji
Today we've been in search of a sunken WW2 aircraft. It wasn't that easy to find. We were anchored on the other side of the island, so the first challenge was of the orienteering variety. First track we found went completely the wrong way, so we returned to the dinghy and started over. Next track was the right one, but we lost it several times before getting to our destination. No NZ DOC tracks here! Plane was pretty easy to find. It was a US Hellfire in remarkably good condition, considering it has been sitting in 3m of water for about 75 years. We did some research and found that that particular craft was nicknamed son-of-a-b**ch-2nd-class and lots were lost in the final stages of the war over the Pacific. We hope the crew made it ashore and lived happily ever after in Fiji. It was a good adventure. We earned our piña coladas today.

Grand Finale Tour

12 July 2017 | Between Musket Cove and Yasawas
We've picked up our last set of guests and heading out on the Grand Finale Tour. It'll be a week in the Yasawas before heading home. Enormous excitement with the arrival of the Brains Robinsons (some would call it a frenzy!). Paige now has 3 more girls captive on board. Busy times, but luckily the weather continues to be stunning. Nice day for a sail...

Superyacht time

10 July 2017 | Denarau, Fiji
Feeling pretty teeny tiny now. If you look in the photo, we're the tiniest white bow from the left. We've had a great time snorkelling, diving (finally got the gear out and did a night dive with a bunch of other cruisers) and just hanging out in the musket Cove resort. Now we're in Denarau to catch up with some friends, re-stock the boat and collect our last set of guests (Robinson family of 5) for the grand finale tour. Hopefully back to Yasawas before it's time to go home. In the meantime, couple of nights hanging with the rich and famous...

Cloud 9

06 July 2017 | Ro Ro Reef, Fiji
This is the Cloud 9 floating bar and pizzeria. We went there for lunch today. It was pretty cool, but Nathan and I were about 20 years too old and Paige was about 10 years too young. We thought that Leonie, Lisa, Hannah and Clara (our 3 previous and 1 future au pairs) would love it. The pizza was good and Paige and Nathan jumped off from the top level (it's 2-storey), which was pretty impressive. I'm way too lady-like (chicken?) for that sort of carry on. Finding a new bay tonight, then back to Musket Cove for the rugby. Go the All Blacks!!!
Vessel Name: Ika Moana II
Vessel Make/Model: Young 43
Hailing Port: Auckland
Crew: Nathan, Gill & Paige
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