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10 March 2018 | Clearwater Beach Marina
31 October 2017
24 October 2017 | Warsaw Cutoff
22 October 2017
20 October 2017 | Flying through the locks
19 October 2017 | Bay Springs Anchorage
18 October 2017 | Heading into the Tom Bigbee
17 October 2017 | Wolf Island
16 October 2017 | Kelly Island
15 October 2017 | Paris Landing State Park
12 October 2017
03 November 2014 | Warsaw Cutoff
28 October 2014 | Columbus Mississippi
27 October 2014 | Tombigbee River Old channel
25 October 2014 | Midway Marina
23 October 2014 | Grand Harbor Marina--Yellow (Tenn-Tomm
22 October 2014 | Wolf Island

10 March 2018 | Clearwater Beach Marina
I am obviously not into blogging! I would rather be doing something other than setting at a computer. So this is a snapshot of the last 4 months.

The boat shaft seal etc. were fixed at Turner Marine and we headed out. We did not get to leave very early which created a problem since we could get to the overnight point that I wanted to reach. Had to stop over at Ingram Bayou during a major frontal passage that caused us to drag anchor 400 yards or so. Fortunately it is a large body that had no other boat anchored so we just lost 6 hours of sleep. Marcia took a bad spill down the salon steps that caused some serious bruising (she recovered).

We did an overnight to Panama City Marina and stayed a couple of days waiting for the weather to clear out. Left there and did a 30 hour run to Panama City Beach Marina. It was relatively warm passage but there was zero wind.

We went home for Christmas coming back in early January. Our friends Steve and Laveta have been in a condo the since January. We have had a wonderful time with them running around, eating, visiting other towns.

Unfortunately, like all good things they have to end. We are probably going to head back to Panama City on Tuesday, weather permitting. Steve is planning on joining us for the trip.

When we will basically retrace our steps back to Turner get the mast unstepped and bring the boat back to KY when the rivers all get out of the flood stage.

Turner Marine on the Hard

31 October 2017
We finally made it to the marina after a tense 2 days. Our shaft seal was leaking, a lot, periodically and we had a small but continuous leak from the same area. Rodger, Cody and others looked at it, took the battery out and the wood it rested on for a better view. They are figuring out how to best fix the problem but it looks like it will be extensive so we may be here a while. I wonder if we will be able to keep our 18 November reservation in Clearwater Beach Marina.

Heading on to Demopolis Yacht basin

25 October 2017
It was cold start to the day but we had beautiful scenery . One of the most beautiful are white cliffs. I am not sure what the rock is since it is close to being pure white. We got into the Yacht basin around 3:00 PM tied up and went to dinner with 8 other boaters. We are going to stay at least 1 more night and maybe more.

Leaving Columbus

24 October 2017 | Warsaw Cutoff
We left Columbus Marina around 6:45 AM with a group of power boaters and one other sail boat. It was a warm 39 degrees when we left so we were bundled up. It did warm up some and we had a good day ending up in Warsaw Cutoff. The water was very deep with the shallowest being 19 + feet and deepest being 42+ feet. The initial anchor set snagged a piece of a small tree and its root ball. So we redid in a different spot and set a stern anchor since we were very close to the shore.

The tracking is finally working but you have to go over to the right side of the page and scroll down to get to the delorme map that will show are track. I had originally set the broad cast signal to 4 hrs. and changed it to one hour. I will probably run it back up to four hours since every ping cost.

Two day lay over

22 October 2017
There is supposed to be storms and rain for the next two days so the ADMIRAL decided we needed to stay at Columbus Marina under a covered slip (which is nice). It won't be bad since I located a small leak that is occurring under one of the life line stanchion, need to work on a teak toe rain, and maybe wash and wax a little.

As a side note on how small the world can get. Our friends Mike and Melanie Dillard met Jan and Pirlo Lindross from Finland on a boat in the northeast. I saw his boat, introduced myself and told him I was friend with M & M.

Tom Bigbee River Cut off to Columbus Marina

21 October 2017
No Fog finally, not even a wisp. we left around 8:00 again and headed toward Aberdeen Lock. The lake was awful there was grass growing everywhere and 4 miles of that was so bad that it was jerking the steering wheel the whole time. I was so glad that we did not go onto Midway Marina since we saw that it was grass choked. Dave and Windy Smith had been in there a few days earlier and said it was terrible. A sail boater had actually got into the water and pulled the grass off his rudder and prop. I felt worry for the couple in the Island Packet that was following us that turned and went in there. After locking through Aberdeen lock we had some debris water hyacinths and logs floating and stuck in the river bottom (dangerous). We pulled into Columbus Marina around 12:30 PM, hoping to get refueled and spend the night in a covered slip. I had heard that they had dredged the marina fuel dock out. What they did not tell us was that 50 feet out from the dock was 4.5 ft. deep, with no markings of shallow water. I finally managed to free us after 20 minutes finishing what we thought would happen easily

Marcia is pro at Locking through today

20 October 2017 | Flying through the locks
We set a personal best of locking through 6 locks today. It all started when I called the lock master at Whitten and asked when it would be convenient for him to lock us through. He told us to be there in about 30 minutes which we did. He called the other locks heading south and let them know we were coming so we had very very little waits or none as we locked through Whitten, Montgomery, Rankin, Fulton, and Wilkins. Even though that was only 41 miles, it takes time to slowly get into the lock, tie up to a floating bollard, have them drain the water from the chamber, open the doors, and then sound the horn clearing you to leave. Itis amazing what being courteous and saying thank you can do.

Short run to Whitten Lock Anchorage

19 October 2017 | Bay Springs Anchorage
Ran down the 21+ mile ditch and across Bay Springs Lake to anchorage on the other side of point from the locks. Pretty uneventful good anchorage, floated around the 50' of 3/8" chain rode all night. My anchor alert app graphic showed we had drifted all around over and back of the anchor, looked like a drawing from Family Circus.

Aqua Marina

18 October 2017 | Heading into the Tom Bigbee
We left Wolf Island for Aqua Marine via Pickwick lock around 8:30 AM. Turned into "Yellow Creek" about 5:00 PM getting fuel and a pump out at the Marina. Nice marina and appears to have some boaters that like to party during the season. Met a nice guy on a Deflouer that put us onto a great mooring spot right around a point from Whitten Locks.

Creeping ahead on to Wolf Island

17 October 2017 | Wolf Island
We left Kelly Item after the worse part of the fog had lifted. We did enjoy watching all of the fog tornadoes as the sun heated the surface water. Since Pickwick Dam was spilling 50K cu. ft. minute the current was fairly stiff and slowed us down. Since the front had passed the northerly wind laid down so we anchored behind Wolf Island with a bow anchor and plenty of scope. There was a trawler ahead of us and another decided I had left to much room between so he slid in between us not giving a thought as to where my anchor was. Fortunately, for us, he did not snag our chain/rope rode.

Making up Distance

16 October 2017 | Kelly Island
The wind and rain our gone. We left Paris Landing early in the morning and motored all day against an ever increasing current. After 10 hours and having to not anchor where I wanted to because of a dredge we anchored behind Kelly Island at the 143 mile marker. Since there was a 1 or 2 knot current and a steady breeze coming from the other direction we set a bow and stern anchor. Yippee Skippy! Fortunately after we got settled and things quieted down 2 river otters decided to play next to the boat. One eventually went into the water and came back with a good sized fish. The playing stopped and the fighting began, darn kids.

Leaving Lighthouse Landing

15 October 2017 | Paris Landing State Park
Our friends Chet and Joan gave us a send off with fresh muffins from the Light Side Bakery in Grand Rivers. We initially thought that the cold front and rain was not going to be a factor until we got to Paris Landing about 2:00 PM. Were we wrong.....after the wind, rain, temperature dropping several degrees along with some serious short period waves we decided to duck into Paris Landing Marina and spend the night. Hopefully it will be all gone tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Kailani
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 40
Hailing Port: Benton Illinois
Crew: William and Marcia
About: The Captain and Admiral respectfully.
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