Impulse Cruising Again

Vessel Name: Impulse
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 350
Hailing Port: Langhorne PA
Crew: Bill & Mary
10 August 2023 | Oswego, NY
09 August 2023
02 August 2023 | Valdosta, Georgia
02 August 2021 | Punta Gorda, FL
31 July 2021 | Slidell, Louisiana
30 July 2021 | Eunice, Louisiana
29 July 2021 | San Antonio, TX
28 July 2021 | San Angelo, Texas
27 July 2021 | Santa Fe, New Mexico
26 July 2021 | Albuquerque, NM
25 July 2021 | Flagstaff, AZ
24 July 2021 | Tropic, Utah
23 July 2021 | Saint George, Utah
22 July 2021 | Saint George, Utah
21 July 2021 | Las Vegas, NV
19 July 2021 | Bakersfield, CA
17 July 2021 | Hermosa Beach, CA
16 July 2021 | San Diego, CA
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16 August 2023

Heading for Philly after a few stops...

Sunday, August 13

12 August 2023

Time in the foothills of the Adirondacks

Friday, Aug 11

10 August 2023 | Oswego, NY

Finally catching up

Tuesday, Aug 8

09 August 2023

One post, many days

So I haven't posted any news in a long time - here is some catch up material. I'll post the rest tomorrow...

02 August 2023 | Valdosta, Georgia

Another Road Trip! Going North...

We are on the road and here is the story.

02 August 2021 | Punta Gorda, FL

Our Last Night on the Road!

Not much to report for yesterday - Bill drove and drove and drove. We left Slidell, Louisiana and stopped for the night in Lake City, FL. I had wanted to stop at Florida Caverns State Park but the tickets for the tour of the caverns are first come, first served and as we neared I called and we [...]

Offically on the East Coast

23 April 2017 | Stuart, Florida
High 70s, cloudy, rainy
After a very quiet night we woke to two big splashes - there are alligators here too! Gentle rain started and then ramped up to a steady rain which we need badly, but why today? Billy the Tipper arrived around 8:45. He and his partner were sporting ponchos which blew every which way in the wind as they rafted up alongside and Bill started to motor toward the RR bridge. Six barrels were placed on our side deck and filled with water pumped from the canal and we drove under the bridge (see photo). Of course with the water so low not much tipping was necessary, but better safe than sorry! (We require about 53.5 feet and the bridge height now is 52.1.) Money changed hands and ropes were untied and off they went into a downpour. We got on our way around 9:15 and tried unsuccessfully to stay dry all day. We requested one bridge opening and one lock-through (with a drop of 11.5 feet!) and then stopped at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, where we picked up a mooring ball to wait for the rain to end (nap time!). Finally the sun came out and we ventured in for trash drop off, registration, and ice replenishment. Met with fellow PGIslanders (our boating club), Collins' and Jorgensens, for happy hour on the deck and a walk around town, then back to the boat for dinner. What a nice small town is Stuart! Looking forward to exploring a bit tomorrow.

32 miles
4.75 hours


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