Impulse Cruising Again

Vessel Name: Impulse
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 350
Hailing Port: Langhorne PA
Crew: Bill & Mary
02 August 2021 | Punta Gorda, FL
31 July 2021 | Slidell, Louisiana
30 July 2021 | Eunice, Louisiana
29 July 2021 | San Antonio, TX
28 July 2021 | San Angelo, Texas
27 July 2021 | Santa Fe, New Mexico
26 July 2021 | Albuquerque, NM
25 July 2021 | Flagstaff, AZ
24 July 2021 | Tropic, Utah
23 July 2021 | Saint George, Utah
22 July 2021 | Saint George, Utah
21 July 2021 | Las Vegas, NV
19 July 2021 | Bakersfield, CA
17 July 2021 | Hermosa Beach, CA
16 July 2021 | San Diego, CA
15 July 2021 | San Diego, SA
14 July 2021 | La Quinta, California
13 July 2021 | La Quinta, California
12 July 2021 | La Quinta, California
11 July 2021 | Hermosa Beach, CA
Recent Blog Posts
02 August 2021 | Punta Gorda, FL

Our Last Night on the Road!

Not much to report for yesterday - Bill drove and drove and drove. We left Slidell, Louisiana and stopped for the night in Lake City, FL. I had wanted to stop at Florida Caverns State Park but the tickets for the tour of the caverns are first come, first served and as we neared I called and we [...]

31 July 2021 | Slidell, Louisiana

It Was a Creole Soap Opera!

We left our room and headed out - it was not a good night's sleep. The AC went on and off all night and there was lots of noise from cars and voices, coming and going. We headed for the Laura Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana for a tour. First, a stop at King's Truck Stop for a good Southern [...]

30 July 2021 | Eunice, Louisiana

Adios Alamo

We woke up and packed up and put our things in the car in the parking garage, then walked to The Alamo. We hadn't made reservations so we would have to wait until later in the day to enter the building, but anyone can tour the grounds any time so we did that. It was much bigger than we thought! [...]

29 July 2021 | San Antonio, TX

Walking Around San Antonio!

We left San Angelo this morning and headed to San Antonio. Rolling green hills surrounded us most of the trip - farms, pastures, and trees. Very different than southern Texas we saw driving west!

28 July 2021 | San Angelo, Texas

Covering Some Miles!

Happy 90th Birthday, Mom! I'm sorry I'm not with her, but we did celebrate in June with the whole family. Fortunately, brother Carl and Nikki are with her to help her celebrate today with a lobster dinner! Her favorite.

27 July 2021 | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Learning About New Mexico

We left the hotel and stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and were on our way. Less than an hour later we were in Santa Fe, so we found our hotel and then headed to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed - yes, it has been 5000 miles as of today! The oil change was jiffy, so we went to the Santa Fe [...]

Goodbye to California!

21 July 2021 | Las Vegas, NV
Mary Yeomans | Very hot!
We left the hotel at about 9:30 and headed east. Orchards all around us, then oil rigs, then wind generators as we left the valley and reached foothills. Two lanes and lots of trucks proved to make the trip a bit frustrating for Bill - trucks trying to pass trucks as they went uphill. We stopped at Barstow, which used to be on Route 66 before it was paved over as part of other highways. Parts of Route 66 are still driveable, but we haven't been on any of them yet. Barstow was known as a railroad junction.
Barstow Station is a group of train cars connected by a structure built around it. Inside is a food court and some vendors. We sat in a train car and ate lunch, fueled up ($4.99 a gallon!!) nearby, and got back on the road.
Driving through the Mojave Desert, we passed the tallest thermometer in the world! 134 feet tall to symbolize the highest temperature recorded in Death Valley. It read 107 degrees today - the car said it was 112. I just know it was pretty hot. We also passed a solar furnace - lots of mirrors reflecting the sun onto three towers where water turned to steam and ran turbines to generate electricity. I knew about these and talked to my students about them, but I had never seen them. Pretty impressive.
Finally in Las Vegas, we parked the car and checked in to Planet Hollywood. We couldn't carry all of our stuff in one trip, so we had to hike back to the parking lot again to get more. I guess we don't travel light, and we are too cheap to pay $72 for valet service...
Naptime for Bill, while I caught up on email and other stuff. When he was ready, we headed out to walk the Strip! We bought a monorail ticket and rode it for awhile, got off and walked to the Venetian to check it out. On the way back we stopped and had vodka and tonics ($15 each!) at Harrah's and listened to a band, then walked to our hotel. There was a wait for dinner at all of the restaurants but we finally were seated at Café Hollywood. The food was good, not great, but it filled our bellies. Back to the room for a glass of wine and then bedtime.

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