Incredible H28.5

Port: Stony Point NY
13 March 2010 | Hudson River NY
09 June 2009 |
08 June 2009 | Stony Point
01 June 2009
31 May 2009 | Stony Point NY
31 May 2009 | Stony Point NY

New Windows Duruing Hunter 28.5 Renovation

31 May 2009 | Stony Point NY
Last year I desperatly needed new windows for my hunter 28.5. The previous owner used horrible light blue plexiglass for his windows which looked terrible. I found a company called Mark Plastics in CA that made a brand new pair of Lexan windows for me. Boy they came out nice. I also installed a new Harken traveler and some new handrailes pictured here from and These are my two favorite marine supplies. Defender is great for your basic boating supplies and general marine products and is great for all the best sailing hardware and products. They both really helped me out in getting this old Hunter 28.5 back on its keel...
Vessel Name: Incredible
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 28.5
Hailing Port: Stony Point NY
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Port: Stony Point NY