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12 April 2018 | San Diego
07 December 2017 | San Diego
14 August 2017 | Mission Bay
16 April 2017 | Marriott Marina, San Diego
17 March 2017 | Trinidad
13 March 2017 | Grenada,
12 March 2017 | Cariacou
05 March 2017 | Bequia, Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay
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28 February 2017 | Rodney Bay
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11 February 2017 | St. Lucia Soufriere
06 February 2017 | Bequia, Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay

Croatia and Egypt

12 April 2018 | San Diego
Steve G.
No, I haven't gone to Croatia... Yet.

But, I have chartered a nice sailboat and we're definitely going. Before that little adventure I'll be in Egypt and Israel for a couple weeks, hopefully I can charter a boat for a cruise on the Nile. Maybe a pyramid, Nile river charter. I don't know, maybe I should look at a map of Egypt.

Croatia requires both a sailing certification and a VHF radio certification. What a joke.

All told it'll be a month or a little more, cruising, traveling, Israel, Egypt, Croatia. Damn, airfare was expensive. It's actually cheaper to buy round trip tickets than to purchase a bunch of one way tickets. I heard falafel is cheap over there, so I'll probably eat a lot of that.

The little Cal 25 hasn't been used much lately. Too many other things going on. It's funny how busy a person can get.

Last night I visited the boat and thought maybe I should update this blog. The marina last month updated the electrical box finally. The fuse would blow about twice a week. Now, it'll probably blow once a week. And, they raised my slip fees by 15 dollars per month.

I'm glad now I didn't trade up to a larger sailboat. I'm not even using this one.

Fall of 2017

07 December 2017 | San Diego
Has it really been four months since I've posted?

It's December 7th and Indian Summer hasn't left the slip but a few times this year. Oceanside once, Marriott Marina once, and half a dozen times day sailing and a few nights anchoring in the bay. How things have changed.

This year, after the adventure in the Caribbean with Vern I consciously or unconsciously have sailed very little. I had the opportunity to charter in Croatia last October but passed. Just didn't want to. I never thought I'd pass up a charter like that.

Instead, this year has been occupied with camping, birding, and archery in California and Arizona.

In a few weeks I leave for Costa Rica, not sailing, flying. I prefer flying now, I can't explain it. Climbing in and out of a dinghy and motoring to shore was thoroughly inconvenient. I prefer opening a door and getting in a rental car to motoring to shore and walking.

Next year though, I want to sail to Ensenada and leave Indian Summer there for 6-8 weeks. That's the plan, but who knows?

I seem to remember feeling this same way after sailing three weeks from Hawaii to San Francisco. I didn't sail much for a year after that either. And, it's been nearly a year.

I'll spend tonight on the boat anchored in Mission Bay.

Summer 2017

14 August 2017 | Mission Bay
Most weekends Indian Summer is being used. Lots of day sails, and sleeping over on the boat. So far this year I haven't had any major repairs and I haven't done any improvements except for converting the tv to 12 volts which is something I should have done from the start.

I'm considering rejoining Convair and racing with them again. Probably not.

I've finally fully decompressed from Las Islas de Caribe trip and I can say the word Vern without clenching my fists and swearing. I guess that means I'm ready for another sailing adventure. But where? Maybe Tonga and all those islands. I'll start looking for a ride. This time I will fully vet the owner and his boat. I'll want 'recent' photos of both him and the boat, mechanicals, electricals, insurance paperwork, maybe even a doctors bill of health.

I received an interesting email last week. While in Trinidad I looked at a few boats for sale and gave my contact information. Last week, I received an email from an anxious boat broker saying the owner wants his 50 foot sailboat gone, 20 grand or best offer, come and get it. I believe back in April when I looked at it he wanted 85 grand. Tempting, since it is completely outfitted, seemingly, and ready to sail. But, I don't like actually paying for boats, I'll wait till it's free.

I've been considering retirement more and more each day. Ever since that trip to the Caribbean and meeting people who retired early, sold everything, and went sailing I've been more and more motivated. Pulling the trigger is the tough part. In the past I'd quit a job without blinking an eye, and take a vacation or take another better paying job. But, I've gotten comfortable in my current relatively high paying, zero stress job. If I could just vacation 6 months per year it'd be perfect.

My vacation math doesn't add up, I can take 6.5 weeks per year vacation. Just doesn't seem like enough time off. Of course, I could quit this job, vacation for a while and go back to contract engineering which pays more than I'm making now. Or retire...

Vessel Name: Indian Summer
Vessel Make/Model: Cal 2-25
Hailing Port: San Diego, California
Crew: Steve
About: Sailing Indian Summer since 2014
Extra: Indian Summer is kept in Mission Bay at the Bahia Resort.
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February 2017
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Created 15 February 2017
Went with Lee for a week. Started in Mission Bay, motorsailed straight to Avalon, then went clockwise around the island, Catalina Harbor, Isthmus Harbor, then Avalon. Motorsailed back to Mission Bay. Long and very fun week.
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Created 3 December 2016
Sailed to Catalina from Mission Bay, stopping in Oceanside
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Created 26 October 2016
Photos Of Indian Summer's Motor, Yanmar YSB8. This little once cylinder diesel engine has been both very reliable and very worrisome. I'm always surprised when it starts, every time. First trouble started during delivery from Redondo Beach, King Harbor, to San Diego, the water pump came apart, the previous owner installed the pump pulley off center. Dick fixed it. The mixing elbow was also installed with what looked like super glue. Dick fixed that too. Eventually, it was replaced with new. For about a year, the engine would just stop running, even after new fuel, new filters, new injector, it still would stop running. Finally, after the 7th or 8th time of leaving me stranded, I tore out every fuel related component, gas tank, filters, hoses, both fuel pumps, injector and assy, and replaced everything with new. Haven't had a problem since. Although I did have to replace the throttle cable after that broke because of chafing.
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Created 26 October 2016
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Created 26 October 2015
Flying the asym in Mission Bay with Dick on the bow. Tabernacle Installed October 2015 at Shelter Island Boatyard Dick Hohol and Lee Follmer helped. Actually, Lee Folmer did most of the work, and supervision. The boatyard lifted and replaced the mast. Dick really helped with the electrical at the mast and the actual installation of the tabernacle. Did the whole thing in one day.
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Created 26 October 2015
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Created 12 August 2015
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Created 17 June 2015
The West Mission Bay Bridge at low tide is 35 feet, the mast is 37.5 feet. Something had to be done.
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Created 2 June 2015
Cliff, the owner of Rainbow, Dave and I sailed from Hawaii to San Francisco. Typical day included rain, storms, 35 knot winds, and heavy seas. 21 days total. Two six hour shifts per day. Midnight to six am, then noon to Six. I could be wrong on the shift times, I didn't sleep much. I vowed to never do another ocean crossing after this trip. The two guys I went with were really great, fantastic people. This was probably the craziest three weeks of my life.
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