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20 February 2019 | Dominica
19 February 2019 | Dominica
18 February 2019 | Deshaies - Guadeloupe
17 February 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
15 February 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
14 February 2019 | On Passage Montserrat to Antiqua
13 February 2019 | Montserrat
13 February 2019 | Montserrat
12 February 2019 | Charlestown Bay - Nevis
12 February 2019 | White House Bay - St Kitts
10 February 2019 | St Eustatius
08 February 2019 | Underway to Statia
06 February 2019 | Columbus Bay - St Barts
02 February 2019 | Gustavia - St Barts
31 January 2019 | Barbuda to St Barts
30 January 2019 | Coco Bay - Barbuda
28 January 2019 | Low Bay - Barbuda
24 January 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
22 January 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antigua
19 January 2019 | On Passage to Antigua

Dominica to Martinique

20 February 2019 | Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We cast off at dawn. It was great to see Anna & Hakan from Unicorn and Alexis in Portsmouth Dominica, but we have to go. Even bigger winds forecast so wee need to grab the weather window. We are currently motor sailing in the lee of the island but we expect force 7 to 8 again for the passage across to Martinique. I have put the fishing lines out while we are sheltered. It will take us 3 to 4 hours before we reach Scotts Head the Southern tip of Dominica. (sent via SSB)

Arrived in Dominica

19 February 2019 | Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We arrived in Dominica after a fast and furious sail from Guadeloupe. It was great to see Anna and Haukan from Unicorn and the tips of Morris the cat's ears poking out from the cockpit. Last time we saw them all was in Sweden over the summer.

Antiqua to Guadeloupe

18 February 2019 | Deshaies - Guadeloupe
We have been pretty busy the past couple of days
Yesterday we started with 3 loads of washing in our nice new washing machine.
It dried in no time in the bright blustery sunshine.
We then met up with Simon & Hilda from Brisa for a hike around and over Pearns Point with fabulous views of Hermitage Bay.
If you are feeling brave ask Mandy about her new D-Day style beach landing technique!!!
Later Mandy took the dinghy in to get some provisions for our next few days of sailing.
But we were so preoccupied with everything we forgot to check out.

So today has been very hectic too.
I ran the OCC net at 07.30.
At 08.00 Simon kindly took Mandy in to check out as our dinghy and engine were stored ready for sailing.
At 08.30 we had to get the Swedes on Samantha to move their boat as they had anchored right over our chain.
At 09.00 we set sail for Guadeloupe 3 hours behind schedule!
It was another fast and furious trip with winds in mid 30 knots.
We have just arrived in Deshaies in Guadeloupe tired but okays before it gets dark.
We are currently planning to leave for Dominica at dawn tomorrow.

The blog has now had over 42,000 viewings.
So thank you all again for your interest in our blog and for all your comments.

A Day Out with Joy & Jesse

17 February 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
Frank & Mandy
On Friday we dinghied into the marina for some provisioning etc.
Mario from the yard supplied us with an almost new camping gaz cylinder as a spare.
We also managed to replace our ever faithful boat hook which was washed overboard during one of our stormy passages.
On Saturday we had a delightful day out with our dearest friends Joy and Jessie.
We had an excellent local take out meal and visited their lovely home and garden.
They also took us for a tour of the island.
It was a great day out.

Back in Antiqua again.

15 February 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
We arrived safely in Jolly Harbour in Antigua late morning after a windy sail from Montserrat.
Checking in at Jolly was a real delight after the ridiculous procedures in St Kitts.
We will probably stay here over the weekend until the wind swings round to the east again.
Then we will have another attempt at getting to Guadualope.
The upside of being here is that we are with numerous of our OCC friends.
It will Alamo give us a chance to tidy the boat up after so mandy long passages recently.

On Passage Montserrat to Antiqua

14 February 2019 | On Passage Montserrat to Antiqua
Mandy and Frank
We left Montserrat at 06.30 on route to Jolly Harbour Antiqua. Windy, bit bumpy but OK.
We are very close hauled with SE Wind.
Should just be able to make it in one tack.
Infinitely better that yesterdays horrid passage.
It is always difficult making any easterly progress in The Caribbean against The Trade Winds.
Still feeling a bit rough after yesterday.

Next Stop

13 February 2019 | Montserrat
Mandy and Frank
We had a very horrid crossing to Montserrat this morning. Tomorrow's weather looks nearly as bad.
Strong SE winds may make Guadeloupe impossible.
We are considering cutting back NE up to Antiqua tomorrow.
Then waiting for weather to ease before heading south to Guadeloupe.
This AM Mandy was able to sleep through the 45 knot squalls at just after dawn while I took the sails in. Will keep you posted.
(sent via SSB)


13 February 2019 | Montserrat
Mandy and Frank
BBC. Bloody Bouncy Crossing.
Horrid strong winds with squalls of over 45 knots.
Big seas and flying fish on the deck.
We are 2 miles off Montserrat and will stop overnight.
All is well. (sent via SSB)

In Case of Emergency

12 February 2019 | Charlestown Bay - Nevis
Mandy and Frank
We sailed across to Nevis this afternoon.
The weather forecast is for more strong winds.
Our intention is to leave Nevis at 04.00 (local time) and head for Deshaise in Guadeloupe (70 miles - 13 hours).
We should arrive late afternoon before dark.
If things get too tough we may stop at Montserrat which is half way (mid morning).
If the wind shifts we may even tack and head to Antiqua. We will try to send updates and positions.
However, if things go badly wrong please call UK coast guard with our plan and last known position.
We have a satellite which we would also call the UK coast guard on. Our MMSI number is on the blog header.

Wind and Volcanoes

12 February 2019 | White House Bay - St Kitts
Mandy and Frank
We left Statia at dawn. Mandy wisely suggested we set up the staysail. I was not expecting too much wind but Mandy has been following the weather forecasts closely as it is all a bit exposed out here on the western edge of The Caribbean islands. The wind hit us very hard as we left the protection of Statia and remained at 30 plus knots all the way to St Kitts. It eased briefly as we got into the lee of the island, so we furled the staysail and put out the genoa. A mistake ... the wind came back hard, unpredictable and squally. We flew down the coast of St Kitts below its l volcanoes. It was a magnificent sight to be sailing South East down the line of volcanoes with Saba and Statia behind and Nevis ahead. We decided to break our trip and overnight in St Kitts. Another mistake as it too hours to check in for a simple over night stop. We are hoping the winds will allow us to continue Nevis and onto Monseratt or Guadalupe. We are now sheltered and anchored in White House Bay on SE tip of St Kitts. (Sent via SSB).

St Eustatius and The Volcano

10 February 2019 | St Eustatius
Mandy and Frank
We arrived in Statia on Friday morning after a very calm motor sail south from St Barts.

St Barts is also known as St Barthelemy and Statia is also known as St Eustatius.

Statia is Dutch and with Saba just a few miles to the north west forms the Dutch Lesser Antilles.

Both islands can be clearly seen as being formed from ancient volcanoes.

Yesterday we hiked right upto the crater of Quill about 600m above sea level.

We like Statia a lot and came here 3 years ago in very heavy weather.

It is a strange mix of cultures with strong Dutch connections and old Dutch style buildings.

But its main language is English, its currency Is US dollars and its measurements are European.

Its police drive vehicles with American style Sheriff logos.

(Sent by SSB)

Underway to Statia

08 February 2019 | Underway to Statia
Mandy and Frank
We left St Barts at dawn.
We are partway across to Statia.
Very little wind.
No fish yet.
(Sent via SSB)

Farewell to the Swedes

06 February 2019 | Columbus Bay - St Barts
Mandy and Frank
We spent a couple of days moored with Looma off the small island of Ile Fourchue.

It is a nature reserve 5 miles north of St Barts.

It was here we said our farewells to our dear Swedish friends Mads & Lotta who carried on to St Martin.

There is no telephone signal there and we have fallen behind with our emails.

As with all sailing boats the number of jobs and breakages increases.

We managed to fix the very irritating and potentially dangerous problem of the engine frequently failing to start.

I replaced a primary relay with one of my spares and all now seems fine.

Our solar panel voltage regulator failed too.

But amazingly we managed to by a new Mastervolt one in Gustavia from Hughes Marine the excellent local Land Rover experts.

That is now fitted and working too but I did manage scalp my head in the process!

We are currently anchored in Anse de Colombier where Christopher Columbus landed at the North of St Barts.

But alas no 3G here either.

(Sent by SSB)


02 February 2019 | Gustavia - St Barts
Frank & Mandy
On Friday we sailed from Barbuda to St Barts.
It was a good crossing and it took about 10 hours.
We had full sail all the way and made good time.
On route we caught 3 large baracuda (which we threw back) and one small tuna (which I filleted).
We spend Friday exploring Gustavia the main town and port.
The difference between St Barts and many of the other islands is staggering.
It is a very wealthy place with very wealthy tourists and expensive fashion shops.
Geologically it is very different too with hard igneous rock and impressive rock formations.
Yesterday we also helped fix a generator on a small motor catamaran.
We are making a list and ordering all the parts we need shipping out to fix our genset, rod-kicker and aircon.
All the boats out here are always happy to have visiting crew wishing to bring spares out!

Barbuda to St Barts

31 January 2019 | Barbuda to St Barts
Mandy and Frank
We left before dawn.
Looma left too. We are on route to St Barts.
Wind has dropped. But... Squalls are following.
Hope to arrive before dark.
Caught one huge Baracuda so far.
(sent by SSB)

Frigates and Vangs

30 January 2019 | Coco Bay - Barbuda
Mandy and Frank
Yesterday after a bit of a delay we had a Frigate Bird tour on the north of the island with Looma and BlueJacket.
We were all delighted to see how well the colony was doing in the hurricane torn mangroves.
There were plenty of males with their red ballooned chests and plenty of eager young chicks. In the afternoon we moved anchorages to CoCo Bay on the SE point of Barbuda.
On route we broke the Selden gas strut in the Vang.
Another job to do in St Martin.
(sent via SSB)

The Four Baracuda

28 January 2019 | Low Bay - Barbuda
Mandy and Frank
Saturday got off to a bad start with our 17 year old generator dying.
I have been coaxing the poor old unit along for a number of seasons and trying to put off the inevitable.
However, I spent most of the day working on it and managed to resuscitate it. But we will now buy a new one.
The evening was much more pleasant as we had a pot-luck supper on board Infinity B with Brisa, Looma and Cranstackie.
On Sunday we left the Jolly Harbour anchorage at 7.00 and sailed to Barbuda.
It was a cracking sail with a reefed main and the staysail. Looma sailed with us but were faster as they had more sail out and we were fishing.
We caught 4 very large baracuda which are not safe to eat this far north, so we threw them back.
We are now anchored off the most stunning beach at Low Bay.
We are hoping to visit the famous frigate bird colony which managed to survive last years hurricane.

Jolly Water Making

24 January 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
Frank & Mandy
We are still at anchor in Jolly Harbour in Antiqua.
A bit of northerly swell has crept into the bay.
That means we are rolling a bit, but more importantly it has stirred up the very fine coral sands to make the water cloudy.
This in turn blocks up the water maker filters.
Fortunately we made water yesterday.
The solar panels and wind generator are working really well and provided all the power for the water maker.
Otherwise all is well and we continue to socialise with the other yachts.


22 January 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antigua
Mandy and Frank
We arrived in Antigua on Saturday.
A very mixed crossing with a big wet and windy squall.
All is well. Catching up on jobs etc.
Had to fix engine fuel and water problems on Alacazam.
They were very relieved.
No internet here yet.
So more news when we get the iPad online.
(Sent Via SSB)

On Passage to Antigua

19 January 2019 | On Passage to Antigua
Mandy and Frank
At 5.00 I made tea.
At 5.30 I made more tea and woke Mandy (always a difficult task).
We hauled the anchor at 5.55 it was tricky as two boats had anchored very close in front of us.
We left Deshaise at 6.00 still very dark. We are now just North of Guaedloupe.
One bite on the fishing line but no fish yet Time for more tea and breakfast.
Light winds so it could be a slow trip or a lot of motoring. Should be in Jolly Harbour in Antiqua mid/late afternoon.
(sent by SSB).

Swedes are bad for your health!

18 January 2019 | Deshaies - Guadeloupe
Frank & Mandy
Last night Lars & Suzanna invited on to Seawind for late Sundowners.
Joachim & Suzanne from Mo Chara (more Swedes) were there also.
It was the second evening in a row of socialising with Swedes and this morning was the second morning of a hangover!
They produce strange unpronounceable spirits for bottles hidden deep in the bilges.
So beware socialising with the lovely Swedes can be very bad for your health!
This morning we walked up to the botanical gardens.
It was our fourth visit to the magnificent gardens and well worth the hike.
We are leaving at dawn for Antiqua and hope to see our dear friends Jessie and Joy-Anne again.

Jacque Cousteau

17 January 2019 | Deshaies - Guadeloupe
Frank & Mandy
We have had a splendid few days
We left The Saintes on Tuesday and had a fine sail up to Pigeon Island and arrived mid morning.
The afternoon was wet, very wet and it rained intensely all afternoon.
We invited Lars and Suzanne the Swedes from Seawind to supper.
Mandy made a fine job of cooking the fish we caught and we all drank too much…. again.
We spent most Wednesday at Pigeon Island.
In the morning I wired in an emergency start switch as we have been having trouble with the engine ignition switch.
After lunch we took the dinghy across to the Jacque Cousteau reserve for snorkelling.
We then motored up to Deshaies where Death In Paradise is filmed and we caught a 2ft Red Needle Fish on route.
We are now at anchor and looking forward to going ashore tomorrow.

On Passage To Guadeloupe

16 January 2019 | On Passage to Guadeloupe
Mandy and Frank
We left the mooring at The Saintes at about 06.15 We are about 1/3 the way across to Guadeloupe. Sailing well,but had to put two reefs in the genoa because of squall.
We have Mandy's new 30 Euro fishing lure out. Hoping for a fine catch
We are heading for Pigeon Island and The Jacque Cousteau reserve. (Sent via SSB)

Bob Murdered In St Lucia

15 January 2019 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
Frank & Mandy
We are very sad to hear of the murder of Bob Hathaway in St Lucia.
He was the OCC Port Officer and well respected.
He was extremely kind to me when I was very ill and alone on board several years ago.
He also came to supper with us and was charming.
St Lucia has become a dangerous place.
Our dear friends from Unicorn were assaulted there too.
A fellow yachtsman Roger Platt was murdered on board his boat in 2014.
The crime rate is high and many dinghies are stolen there.
We avoid the island and recommend others do as well.

Les Saintes

14 January 2019 | Les Saintes - Guadeloupe
Frank & Mandy
We had a great sail across to The Saintes yesterday, Mandy hand steered all the way whilst doing her Skiing training!!
The Saintes are one of the prettiest group of islands in the Caribbean with a real mix of French Mediterranean.
We had supper on Brisa last night and I managed to help Simon with some of his best rum!
Today we did a long hike with Simon & Hilda out to Rodriquez bay and back along the windward beach to La Toumba our favourite restaurant.
Where we had an absolutely excellent meal.
Now it’s nap time!

Wind Picks Up

13 January 2019 | On Passage to The Saintes
Mandy and Frank
Just after I sent the last post the wind picked up.
We now have 1/2 main out too and sailing nicely. (Sent via SSB)

On Passage to The Saintes

13 January 2019 | On Passage to The Saintes
Mandy and Frank
It is nearly 07.00 here.
We are on passage from Marie Galante to The Saintes. We we lifted the anchor and underway at dawn (06.00).
Then Mandy appeared blery eyed with the tea I had mad her! It is a horrid light downwind sail.
We have a floppy genoa and the engine on. Its only another couple of hours but we will have to put a gybe in off Guadeloupe.
Looking forward to being in The Saintes and hoping that its not too busy.

Marie Galante

12 January 2019 | St Louis - Marie Galante
Frank & Mandy
We had an absolutely cracking sail up to Marie Galante on Thursday.
There were exceptional winds with a lot of south in them.
That enabled us to sail all the way and we anchored off St Louis before midday.
We had barbecued fish we caught for supper!
Friday was Mandy’s OCC net controller day with good propagation she was able to talk to people as far away as The San Blas Islands and USVIs.
We hired a car for the day first thing and toured the whole island with Brisa.
Marie Galante is a very sleepy place with little traffic.
We visited all the beaches, towns and three rum distilleries.
Mandy drove and I navigated which always prevents any arguments!
We saw large numbers of cattle and fields of sugar cane.
There was a fantastic sunset last night with the sun disappearing behind The Saintes.

Great Sailing and Big Fish

10 January 2019 | On Passage Marie Galaante
Mandy and Frank
Yesterday we left St Pierre in Martinique at Dawn.
Fantastic broad reach sailing.
Very fast with all the canvas out. We arrived in prince Rupert Bay in Dominica mid afternoon.
Great to see old friends and how well the island is recovering post Hurricane Irma.
We left at dawn for Marie Galante and we are about third of the way.
Just off Dominica we caught a very large kingfish. I have gutted it and filleted it ready for BBQ with Brisa tonight.
Sending this via SSB through Jamaica so hope it makes it

Sainte Pierre

09 January 2019 | St Pierre - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
We have had a splendid couple of days in Sainte Pierre.
The city was destroyed by Volcano Pele in 1902 killing 28,000 people.
We went to the museum and the earth sciences centre yesterday.
We have been doing a lot of socialising with Swedes and Brisa.
Pete and Anne will be pleased to know we are anchored next to Maia and have met the new Polish owners.
It's 05.30, still dark and we are getting ready to set sail to Dominica and onward to Maria Galant.

Thank You

08 January 2019 | St Pierre - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
We have now had well over 40,000 viewings of our blog.
Thank you for your interest.
Thank you also for all your comments which we enjoy reading.

On Passage

07 January 2019 | On Passage Martinique
Mandy and Frank
We left Anse Dufour at 06.15 Heading for Sainte Pierre Good breeze and fine sailing

A Short Hop

06 January 2019 | Anse Dufour - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
We left Grand Anse D’Arlet at 07.00 this morning after torrential rain.
We popped around the headland to Anse Dufour.
It is delightful, very small but charming.
Brisa joined us there.
We plan to head up to Sainte Pierre first thing.
I will probably have to do my OCC net controller duties whilst underway.

It’s Raining

05 January 2019 | Grand Anse - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
Wet Day In The Caribbean

Yesterday day we had a hike over to the next bay for bread & coffee.
We went with Brisa and Luma.
In the afternoon we went snorkelling and Luma came for tea at 3.
We like teaching the Swedes how to make tea!
In the evening we went to Luma for giant G&T’s and superb nibbles.
We dropped off to see Kelpie and fellow Najad on the way back.
We stayed to long and drank too much!
This morning it has constantly rained and there is a lot of low cloud.
We will probably move on to St Pierre at the far northern tip of Martinique tomorrow.

The Big Baracuda

04 January 2019 | Grand Anse - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
Sailing and Fishing

We had a superb down wind sail from St Annes to Grand Anse yesterday.
It took us about 3 hours the wind was strong but a little shifty so we had to put in a couple gybes.
The main event was catching a very large and very angry baracuda which took both of us to land.
I have been replacing the nylon traces on the lures with wire. This certainly seems to help.
The baracuda had very large teeth so I was very careful removing the hook with my largest pliers.
The baracuda was too old to eat so we threw him back.
In Grand Anse, Mandy did a mamouth swim to the beach and back whist I replaced one of the outhaul blocks.
In the evening we had drinks onboard Brisa with Luma.

Frank Soaks The Cabin.

03 January 2019 | St Annes - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
It Always Happens in Threes
Yesterday was just one of those days!
The weather was excellent and the skies were blue, but 3 jobs went wrong.
We went off first thing to see Julien the pump expert, but he couldn't locate the spare seals for our Climma Galepa raw water air con pump.
So we will probably have to get the bits directly from Italy.
When we got back I replaced half a dozen teak deck plugs near the rear hatch.
Then whilst cleaning up I threw a couple of buckets of sea water over the area to clean up.
But I did not check the side port side hatch first which was open.
Mandy spent hours patiently cleaning up my mistake.
The third problem was that the new washing machine refused to pump out.
We worked out that the drain outlet was too high.
It took us a couple of hours to fix it.
We removed the machine and the rear of the cupboard.
We then removed a couple of meters of pipe and re-sited the drain stopcock.
It took a couple of attempts but hopefully it all seems to be ok now.
So today's plan is to tidy up and move on up to Grand Anse a beautiful bay 3 hours north,

The New Year’s Hike

02 January 2019 | St Annes - Martinique
Frank and Mandy
For New Year’s Day we all went for a long hike around the headland and along the beaches to Salines with perfect weather.
We all diverted our eyes along the nudist beach.
There was a group of 10 of us all OCC members from Mermaid, Kathadin, Brisa and BlueJacket.
We had lunch at a delightful beach bar where Valerie the owner was charming and the food was good.
In the evening we had Jammin and Kathadin for drinks onboard Infinity B.
So all in all a very pleasant New Years Day.

Rain, Washing and Bob Dylan

31 December 2018 | St Annes - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
Friday was the wettest and windiest day of the season so far.
It was like being in the Irish Sea.
It was also another bad day for me with another bout of fever and high temperature.
Saturday I was feeling a lot better.
Simon & Hilda from Brisa came with us on a trip on Infinity B into Le Marin.
We managed to get on the fuel dock for about 09.00 to fill up with diesel.
Cathie from Le Ship chandlery delivered our new washing machine to the fuel dock which we had purchased on Christmas Eve.
It was a busy day with removing the rear hatch and fitting the new machine.
Mandy also managed to squeeze in a major food shop too.
Later on to celebrate New Year’s Eve we played Bob Dylan and drank a fine bottle of French red whilst watching the sun set.
Tomorrow we will catch up on the washing and hopefully go fo a walk.
We wish you all a Happy New Year.

Mad Cat

29 December 2018 | St Annes - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
We arrived safely in St Annes in Martinique late morning on Thursday.
We had a cracking sail, although we had to take prompt action to avoid be wiped out by a large Catamaran called Passion 2.
It went right across our bow even though we were on Starboard tack it then crossed the stern of the boat next to us.
A very dangerous manoeuvre and totally in breach of the International Collision Regulations.
We had lunch with Brisa and then had sun downers on board Infinity B with Mermaid, BlueJacket, Brisa and Mehalah.
On Friday Mandy ran the OCC net followed by breakfast ashore with our OCC friends in a local cafe.
We took the dinghy into Le Marin (between showers) half an hour away.
We were able to get a number of spares form the well stocked chandlers.
I'm trying to rebuild the 240v air on pump and the washing machine needs replacing soon.
So we will go back to the chandlers today (Saturday).
We were sad to hear that our good friend Ties is not well enough to come out in late March.
So we now have a vacancy for crew for a few weeks from March 23rd whilst Mandy is away skiing.
Thank you all again for your messages and comments.

Green Looking Crew

27 December 2018 | On Passage to Martinique
Mandy and Frank
We are about half way to Martinique. It is pretty windy mainly well over 25 knots. We are making good progress. But... it is a bit rough and Mandy is looking very green!!

Early Start

27 December 2018 | Rodney Bay - St Lucia
It is 05.15 and still dark.
The wind is howling.
We are having a cup of tea before we lift the anchor and set off to Martinique.
It will be a 4 or 5 hour crossing but it can be notoriously bumpy.
Mandy has taken her sea sick pills In readiness!

Fantastic Sail and Whales

26 December 2018 | Rodney Bay - St Lucia
We left at 6.00 this morning from Bequai.
We had good strong trade winds and some lumpy seas at times.
Just north of St Vincent we saw a whale breach twice not far away.
We had a great angle on the wind as we passed The Pitons on St Lucia.
We anchored in Rodney Bay at just after 16.00 shortly followed by BlueJacket then Brisa.
We will leave at dawn for Martinique.
We are trying to beat the forecasted strong Christmas Trade Winds.

The Swedes

25 December 2018 | Admiralty Bay - Bequia
Happy Christmas to you all.
We have had a quiet couple of days.
I have finished the antibiotics and feeling a lot better.
We have a Swedish boat that we sailed out here from Sweden and over the past 4 seasons we have made lots of Swedish friends out here.
We even spent the summer in Sweden in our camper visiting some of them.
Our new Swedish Volvo is booked for delivery in April.
So as a consequence of all this we were invited to join 30 Swedes at their traditional Christmas Eve party.
It was excellent and superbly organised by OCC members Nella and Björn from Think Twice,
Today we are being visited by Swedes for tea and then we are off to Pot Luck Christmas Lunch with all our other OCC friends.
Tomorrow we plan on sailing north before the weather brakes.

The Frock Shop

23 December 2018 | Admiralty Bay - Bequia
On Friday we managed to get cash from the ATM and antibiotics from the pharmacy between the heavy down pours of rain.
We then hiked up to to the pottery with its fantastic views out across the reefs and the Atlantic.
But unfortunately it was shut.
So we hiked back down to Port Elizabeth where I bravely suggested that as the pottery had been shut we might take a look in the Batique Boutique!
The shop was full of the most beautiful hand made batique cotton frocks, tops, material etc.
Mandy was in her element trying all sorts of different patterns and styles.
We bought a stunning dress that she will wear for Christmas.
Friday night was very noisy in the anchorage with live music on shore until 4.30 and Saturday night was not much better.
All Saturday morning we were visited by friends from different boats who we had not seen for a while.
In the afternoon we walked along to Princess Margaret Beach and a lot of us met up in a bar in the evening for happy hour.

Reversing The Hatch

21 December 2018 | Admiralty Bay - Bequia
We arrived safely in Bequia on Wednesday afternoon. We are on a mooring next to a very smart Swedish Najad 490.
There was an evening OCC drinks party onboard BlueJacket with Brisa, Kalma Daze, Mermaid and Chapter Two.
It was good see Chris and Penny from Kalma Daze as we had not seen them since last season.
On Thursday morning I took out the aft hatch and turned it around so it now opens forward to let the wind in.
The rest of the day was spent with Simon (The Seamstress) from Brisa making an excellent wind scoop / rain cover for the hatch.
Today is Mandy's turn to run the OCC shortwave net then we plan to hike up over the ridge to the pottery.
We are also going to try to get some more Cyprofloxacin antibiotics from the pharmacy.
We have had a message from Max he is now safely in snowy Norway with Berry for Christmas.
Once again thank you all for your notes and messages we very much enjoy reading them.

Wet Crew

19 December 2018 | On Passage
Mandy and Frank
About an hour before we can tack into Bequia. Have had a couple of moderate squalls (33knots) Mandy got absolutely soaked by rain and waves. Very funny!

Carriacou to Bequia

19 December 2018 | On Passage
Mandy and Frank
I am at the chart table with the horrid rubber keyboard.
We left at dawn from Carriacou.
We are now just off Mayeau with about 4 hours to go to Bequai. We have full staysail and 2/3 main.
We are on a tight beat to windward.
Seas are fair. We have caught 1 Baraccuda so far .. good in breadcrumbs.
Mandy is at the helm with ERIC the autopilot.
They are tying to hold best couse to windward to avoid a long tack in Bequia.
So hoping to send this via Short Wave and Panama!

Hillsborough By Bus

18 December 2018 | Tyrell Bay - Carriacou
We started the day by topping up the main fuel tanks from our spare Jerry cans.
Mandy then went ashore to the marina to fill the our two spare petrol cans (for the outboard) and the four empty diesel cans.
We alway try to ensure we have plenty of fuel as it’s not always easy to buy it elsewhere.
We then took one of the amazing local buses into Hillsborough (the and only town)
The bus costs about £1 and they run all over the place.
In town we went to see the delightful Shirley at Kindom Travel to book tickets for our retune home in the spring.
She was very helpful and delighted to to see us again.
We had lunch at a very pretty beach bar and went veg shopping.
The trip back was fun as the lady bus driver sold us rotis for supper too.
In the afternoon we were boarded by BlueJacket and Mermaid who came for tea.
Carriacou is just delightful.

Wedding Anniversary & Hiking

17 December 2018 | Tyrell Bay - Carriacou
On Saturday we went for a great hike up to Paradise Beach.
It is one of the nicest beaches anywhere in The Carribean with stuning views in all directions.
It also looks out across to Sandy Island within the nature reserve.
At the far end of Paradise Beach is Fidels shop (container) full of local made crafts and hand dyed cotton shirts etc.
Mandy bought a lovely sun hat.
On Sunday we went for a bigger hike with Gill & Mike from Bluejacket.
We started at the northern end of the bay and climbed high up into the trees and followed the track right around the bay.
Then up and over the ridge to the windward side.
The windward side of all of the islands never fails to impress me.
The strong Atlantic breeze brings the waves crashing on to the reefs in the sparking turquoise water.
Carriacou is just simply beautiful and the locals just love to chat and tell tales of how they once worked in the UK.
Today is our 35th wedding anniversary and we will probably head off on the local buses into Hillsborough.

Getting Ashore and More Solar Power

15 December 2018 | Tyrell Bay - Carriacou
Carriacou is one of our favourite Caribbean Islands.
The people are friendly and the Island is unspoilt.
Thursday was the first day I had been able to get ashore for about a week.
Our first stop was by dinghy to customs to pay for our cruising permit which was very easy and the customs officer was charming.
We then took the dinghy right across the bay to the new dinghy dock and started walking back clockwise around the bay to do our shopping.
We were stopped by two charming older local ladies in a car who were looking for the entrance to the new passenger ferry terminal. We ended up chatting and laughing with them for at least 10 minutes.
Our first stop was to see fellow motorcyclist Andy at the sail loft who told us he had been evicted and now seeking an alternative workshop.
Darryl the rushed to greet us as we dropped into the Dive Shop and he was eager to catch up.
Next stop at the end of the bay was Rufus with his great selection of local fruit and veg.
We completed our shopping at the supermarket and returned to the boat.
In the afternoon I went to help Simon on Brisa to replace a winch on the mast. I drilled out two broken bolts and retapped the mast. To Simon’s surprise and delight I fitted the replacement winch.
On Friday Simon spent the whole day on Infinity B making and fitting canvas pockets to fit two new solar panels onto the Bimini.
He’s such a good seamstress!
So I will connect the two new panels up today which will now hopefully give us a total of 300 watts of solar power.
Vessel Name: Infinity B - GBR 583R
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 460 /22 - Call Sign 2FWJ4 - Sail No GBR583R - UK No 918877
Hailing Port: Harwich U.K.
Crew: Frank Hatfull and Amanda Lerse
We are now both Semi-Retired and this is our third season in The Caribbean. We previously owned Najad 380 – Tantrum of Abersoch covered about 10,000 nm in her We bought Infinity B in Sweden in 2012 so we could go Blue Water Cruising in her. [...]
Leg 1. Harwich to La Coruna - Frank Bata Sally & Alistair Leg 1a La Coruna to Vigo - Frank, Mandy, Max & Chloe Leg 2a. Vigo to Cascais- Frank & Simon Leg 2b. Cascais to Madeira - Frank, Andrew & Fiona Leg 2c. Madeira to Las Palmas - Frank, Mandy, Max & Valerio Leg 3a. Las Palmas to [...]
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