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13 October 2021 | The French Alps
26 September 2021 | Samoëns
08 September 2021 | Les Carroz - French Alps
16 August 2021 | Samoens
16 August 2021 | Samoëns
10 August 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
10 August 2021 | Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire
08 August 2021 | Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire
28 July 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
12 July 2021 | North Wales
20 June 2021 | Hartington, Derbyshire
02 June 2021 | Ashwell
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22 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
17 May 2021 | Hartington, Derbyshire
14 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
14 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
14 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
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30 April 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK

Biking, Hiking and Visit to Annecy

13 October 2021 | The French Alps
Frank Hatfull
We have been in France for about 6 weeks.
It has been a mixed time with trying to sort out the fire damage as well as tying to get fit.
The weather for the most part has been very good with warm days and blue skies.
We have done a number of long hikes but what has been a huge success have been our electric mountain bikes.
We bought a pair of Trek Powerfly 5 bikes about 6 months ago in the UK and brought them out with us. They have been so good that we are going to leave them here.
Yesterday we visited Annesy which is about 1 hours drive away. It is an absolutely fabulous medieval city on the edge of a huge mountain lake. We will certainly go again.
Today is a major meeting of all the insurance companies and our French representative to determine who pays for the fire damage to the apartment. Quite a worrying time!
We are planning to return home this weekend.

New Temporary Apartment in Samoens

26 September 2021 | Samoëns
Frank Hatfull | Heavy Rain & Cloud Today
We have made a very major step forward since the apartment fire 6 weeks ago.
About a week ago we moved in to a very nice long term rental apartment not very far from our old apartment.
An English couple rented it for 8 years before us and have just returned to the UK.
The timing is perfect.
It was about 3/4 furnished so we have been busy buying some second hand bits to tie us over.
The sofa came from one of firemen that work on the fire at our apartment.
There has been very slow progress on our insurance claim and we hope that they will cover the rental costs.
They have now made the building water tight and we wait to hear the builders report.
We have a few more insurance meetings to attend and hope to be back in the UK in a couple of weeks.

Alps, Smoke and The Lady Firefighter

08 September 2021 | Les Carroz - French Alps
Frank Hatfull | Warm Sunny and Ordour of Smoke
We have had a pretty horrible time since the devastating fire at our apartment on 16th August.
I spent a couple of weeks quite severely depressed and not able to go anywhere and certainly not able to drive across Europe.
Our dear friend and my former business partner GP Hermann was very caring and contacted our current GP surgery who were equally supportive. So now feeling much better.
Other very dear friends Jo and Dee very kindly offered us the use their apartment in Les Carroz which is a 20 minute drive away from ours in Samoens.
We set off at 05.00 on Sunday 5th September hoping a stress free drive to the Alps.
The roads to Eurotunnel at Folkestone were empty and we made great time only to be met with a massive 2 hour queue at customs ... Thank you Boris.
The drive across France was absolutely fine and we arrived just before dark.
We spent a couple of days going through the burnt out remains in Samoens salvaging what we could.
We were horrified to find half a dozen Acro jacks holding up the cracked and damaged concrete floor above our living room..... Not at all good news.
Everything stinks of acrid smoke and is impossible to was off.
We had a constructive meeting with insurance agent and our dear neighbours on Tuesday. It looks like it's going to take a very lonely time to get things resolved.
We met up with Simon and Sarah at their chalet for tea, lunch and beer and we are hoping to go walking with them and their dog Fenn next week
Yesterday we went for a walk around Les Carroz and enjoyed the fresh air.
We we arrived back at Jo and Dee's apartment we met two people on the roof cleaning gutters.
One was Eleonore who happened to be a very brave and charming lady firefighter who put our fire out in Samoens ... An amazing coincidence and now we are friends on Facebook.
So thank you all, our dear and generous friends, neighbours and brave firefighters for help and support.

Our Apartment Block Destroyed by Smoker

16 August 2021 | Samoens
Frank Hatfull
We let our apartment for August through a local agency.
The Police have now stated the fire was caused by the guests discarding cigarette butts outside our flat.
We had specified to the agency that we did not want smokers in our property.
I feel so guilty and ashamed for the damage done to our truly lovely neighbours by the fucking bastard smokers.
I am absolutely fucking livid.
I don't see how can we possibly ever face our neighbours again.
I feel seriously depressed.

Our Apartment is Destroyed

16 August 2021 | Samoëns
Frank Hatfull
Bad news this morning.
Our beautiful apartment in the French Alps was destroyed last night.
It was the bottom one.
We are hoping to get out shortly to inspect the damage.

CharlieBird - Parker 235 - For Sale

10 August 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We have had a rethink, changed our plans and decided to sell CharlieBird.
We took CharlieBird in part exchange last year.
She is a very tidy and well equipped Parker 235.
She comes with a trailer which has two new axles.
If you know anyone interested please get them to contact us.

British Airways Cancelled Flight

10 August 2021 | Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire
Frank Hatfull
A year ago in August 2020 British Airways cancelled my return flight and now refuse to pay a refund.
At the time it was impossible to get through to BA on the telephone.
BA automatically issued a voucher at the end of August 2020 by email.
In March 2021 they issued a new voucher and provided an online option to opt for a cash refund instead, which I did.
I waited 6 months for the cash refund to be processed and heard nothing, so I raised a complaint.
BA is now refusing to pay a refund saying that I initially accepted a voucher and I that should have phoned at the time for a refund.
I neither chose nor accepted the voucher as it was automatically issued by email and getting through on the phone at the time was impossible.
A voucher is of no use to me at all.
I am only seeking the value of the voucher which is considerably lower that the cost of the ticket. I am not seeking any other compensation.
It appears my only way forward is through the courts.

The 1969 Bonneville

08 August 2021 | Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire
Frank Hatfull
Last week the new project arrived.
She is a Red 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R partially in bits.
She has been sat untouched for 15 years.
I have been working on her all week and she has scrubbed up superbly.

I have reassembled the top end:
Fitted the head
Fitted and tuned new carburettors
Refitted exhausts etc
De-rusted and sealed the inside of the petrol tank and fitted new taps.

I have reassembled the timing side:
Fitted a new Morgo oil pump
Refitted the ignition system and set it up with strobe

I have also added a few other new bits:
New solid state rectifier and some rewiring
New ammeter and rewire headlamp
New handlebars and mirrors
New switch
New choke lever and cables

I have given her a good clean up and polished the casings
She looks fantastic and runs beautifully

Still could do with new silencers and new tyres.
Best of all is that as an historic registered vehicle le she is road tax exempt and the insurance is only £30 per year

Bristol Electrics and Silverstone

28 July 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Over the weekend Mandy was away supervising a large group of Duke of Edinburgh candidates from Bourne Grammar School.
I had a much more interesting job to do on Warwick’s beautiful 1955 Bristol 404.
I spent a few hours rewiring the ignition circuits and removing some defunct cabling.
The car now runs much better.
Warwick was so pleased with the result that he has invited me to join him at the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) Clubhouse at Silverstone on Saturday!
It’s a real honour and I very much looking forward to it.

North Wales

12 July 2021 | North Wales
Frank Hatfull
We are just back from 10 days in Anglesey in North Wales.
We had a fantastic time walking and seeing friends.
We stayed in our camper at Bill & Kathy's fabulous "small holding" near Talwrn. It was amazing to see the way that they had developed the place since our last visit.
We met up for walks several times with Simon & Sarah who camped across the valley. Both Cracker and Fen enjoyed the freedom of the beaches and long walks especially in Beddgelert.
We also visited Liam (who I went to university with) and his family and two active labs. Liam prepared a vast meal on his newly installed outdoor grill which has inspired me to add one to my project list.
It was a great break and certainly helped make up for not getting to the alps.

Another Break in The Peak District

20 June 2021 | Hartington, Derbyshire
Frank Hatfull | Fabulous Blue Skies
We are just back from another short break in The Peak District.
We had fantastic weather and managed to get back home just before the rain storms started.
We had a couple of great walks through Biggin Dale, Wolfscote Dale and Beresford Dale.
We also took the bikes up the Tissington Trail to Sparklow and down through the upper Dove down to Hartington.
We are looking forward to going to Anglesey in North Wales next month and seeing lots of old friends.
Meantime the Triumph Tiger is back together after a clutch rebuild and is now awaiting dry weather for another road test.

Bikes & Gardens

02 June 2021 | Ashwell
Frank Hatfull
We often go to open gardens run by The National Garden Scheme.
It’s also a great excuse to take one of the bikes out.
On Sunday we visited The Old Vicarage at Whissendine and had tea and cakes at The Hall in Ashwell.
Meantime work continues on the old Triumph Tiger after a very oily and smokey ride. Update to follow!

Completion of The Pergola

26 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We have completed The Pergola Project
Our thanks to Chris for his help putting the rafters up.
We just need to wait for the newly planted climbers to grow and with all the rain we are having that should be soon.
Our next gardening project will probably be a woven hazel fence around the composting bins.

58,000 Viewings

22 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
It's amazing.
We have now had over 58,000 viewings of our blog.
Thank you all for visiting.

First Camper Trip of The Season

17 May 2021 | Hartington, Derbyshire
Frank Hatfull | Mixed
We are very fortunate to be able to get out to the Peak District for a few days.
It's our first time out in it this season due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
It's also Cracker's first time ever in the camper, and she seems has taken to it well.
We here for a few more days, but so far we have managed a couple of walks and a bike ride and have only got wet once!
We will be back in time for the weekend to continue with The Pergola Project.

Covid Jabs

14 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
I have been very fortunate, I had my second Pfizer Covid vaccine injection on Thursday.
Very minimal side effects, just a slightly sore arm and a bit of a headache.
Mandy has her Astra Zeneca injection booked for a couple of weeks time.
I am part of the National antibody trial, so it will be very interesting to see how active my COVID antibodies are now.
We are hoping the jabs will enable us to travel to our apartment in The French Alps in mid June, but we are not betting on it.

The Pergola Project

14 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We have made great progress on The Pergola Project.
We dug 3 holes (90cm deep) for the posts several weeks ago, but we have had to wait for a delivery of timber which arrived on Thursday.
So on Thursday afternoon we concreted the first post in whilst it rained.
Yesterday we concreted the other two posts and fitted the two cross beams.
We will let the concrete fully set for a few days before we fit the cross members.
We have planted a fabulous Madame Alfred Carrier rampant climbing rose, some rampant golden hop and a large Climatis Montana. It should all look fabulous next year.

Tinkering With The Tiger

14 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Tinkering with the Triumph Tiger has started.
I have replaced the horrid indicators with original new vintage Lucas ones and thrown away the horrid non OEM ones.
I have also taken out the forks and fitted gaiters and replaced the cafe racer style headlamp brackets with period ones.
I have also replaced the handle bars and clutch lever and new battery.
One of the main problems with a 47 year old bike is none of my spanner's fit.
All our vehicles including boats for the past few decades have been metric, The Tiger is imperial. Mr Amazon delivered some AF sockets yesterday and I'm waiting on Mr eBay to deliver some AF spanners.
The good news is spare parts are very readily available and very reasonably priced for the Triumph.

What a Triumph!

08 May 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Frank has been a bad boy .... Again!
I have bought a beautiful 1975 TR7 / T140V Triumph Tiger 750.
Identical to a Bonneville but only a single carburettor.
Because she is over 40 years old she is Road Tax and MOT exempt.
So plenty of triggering to keep me busy.

The Camper Seat Project

30 April 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Our latest project.
We bought an immaculate set of black electric Range Rover seats on eBay from a delightful couple in Melton Mowbray.
We collected them in our trailer, boy they were heavy.
We have fitted the front ones in the camper and wired them up.
They look fantastic and feel very comfortable and much better than the original Mercedes van seats.
We are hoping to go out for a test ride tomorrow.
The down side is I have hurt my neck and shoulder lifting the seats and as a consequence I'm a bit grumpy!
The next project on the list is the Pergola for the grape vine.

Do let us know if you would like our surplus set of rear Range Rover seats

CharlieBird Gets New Axles

26 April 2021 | Suffolk UK
Frank Hatfull
A couple of weeks ago we replaced both axles on CharlieBird’s trailer.
One of the suspension arms had completely rotted through and the wheel had collapsed.
It was impossible to move the boat and trailer any distance and so we unable to get CharlieBird lift her off.
Unfortunately we therefore had to do axle swap whilst she was sitting on the trailer.
Fortunately she is only about 2 tons but we did have to wait for the field to dry enough to give us firm base for the jacks and axle stands.
With Mike from Sestina’s kind help it was a surprising straight forward job.
We did get through quite a number of discs on the angle grinder cutting off the old axles but we had no other issues.
The new axles were delivered from Alko in Germany some months ago and fitted perfectly.
I still have to do the final adjustments on the brakes and try a test run around the field in Suffolk.
And ..... thanks again to Mike.

Garage Forecourt Completed

17 April 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We have have finished the garage forecourt for the bikes.
It looks great.
Many thanks to Dave and Charlie for their help.
We are now on to next project - The Pergola

The Current Project

17 March 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We are busy digging up the area in front of the garage.
We are putting in a new surface drain and new block paving.
It will then be much easier to turn the motorbikes around and work on the car.
The skip arrives today and Dave arrives with his mini digger tomorrow.
I foresee much mess to follow!

Cracker and Poppy

11 February 2021
Frank Hatfull | Snowy
Cracker in her new comfy bed. She says she is very pleased and may even be nice to the cat.
She also says she is very sad that her friend Poppy the 15 year old Labrador passed away last week.

This Year’s Skiing

26 January 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
I think that this will be all the skiing Mandy gets this year.
4 inches of snow in our garden in UK.

The Chocolate Whirlwind

23 January 2021 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Cracker is a 2 year old brown working cocker spaniel.
She is indeed a “Cracker” and has now been with us a week.
She settled in extremely rapidly and gets on well with “Poppy” our 15 year old Labrador.
Our 2 year old Bengal cat “Khaleesi” is slightly less at ease with the newcomer and creeps about quietly keeping well out of the way.
The first few days with Cracker The Chocolate Whirlwind involved full speed hand-brake turns around the house. The new addition of extra grippy underlay for the mats in the hall has helped enormously in the reduction of the chaos.
She has now settled down quite a bit and is generally now obeying the speed limits in the house.
Outside she has been unbelievably obedient and comes back immediately.
She gets ecstatic about retrieving balls and now drops them instantly on the “leave” command.
She is happy to travel in the car with or without her new best friend “Poppy”.
We took for a 6 mile cycle ride without incident, but unfortunately it had little effect on depleting her lithium ion battery pack!
So all is well after our first week!

Joe Cocker

15 January 2021 | Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire
Frank Hatfull
Today “Cracker” our new Cocker Spaniel joined the pack.
She is 2 and delightful.. I wanted to call he Jo Cocker...but sadly overruled!

38th Wedding Anniversary

16 December 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
It's our 38th Wedding Anniversary today.
We would have normally be out sailing in The Caribbean.
Last year we were in Bequai.
We were hoping to have been in our new apartment in Samoëns in the French Alps this year.
However, because of COVID we have been very busy focusing on the garden instead.
We now have new raised beds, fabulous vegetable plots and a new arch for fruit trees.
We bought ourselves 3 huge garden pots as anniversary presents.
This evening we are eating out at The Exeter Arms in the village.

First Christmas at Home

08 December 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
It will be our first Christmas at home for 7 years.
We have spent the past 6 seasons away sailing on Infinity B in The Caribbean.
We are completely unused to the cold UK winter and we have not had a rear Christmas tree while we have been away.
It has been very exciting going through all the old family decorations and hanging them on the tree.
Unfortunately because of COVID Max and Berry are staying in Edinburgh and we probably won’t see them until spring.
Happy Christmas to all our friends and blog followers.

The New Member of The Fleet

18 November 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | Cold & Wet
A week or so ago we drove down to Maidenhead to collect and ride back the newest member of our fleet.
She is a one on the left a 2017 BMW R Nine T with only 400 miles.
The next is our BMW R 1200RT LC.
On the far right is our baby G 310GS.
So all we now is the summer to come!
We are going to miss being in The Caribbean for the winter.

A Painting To Remember

13 November 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We bought a fabulous painting by Leigh Davis a well know UK artist.
We liked it so much because it reminded us sailing Infinity B.
It is now hanging above the fireplace in our living room.
Here's a link with a bit more information about the artist:
Leigh Davis

Introducing CharlieBird

09 November 2020 | Suffolk UK
Frank Hatfull
Here is our new boat.
She is a Parker 235 and called CharlieBird.
She is currently temporarily "moored" on her trailer at Mandy's cousins paddock in Suffolk.
We are planning to keep her somewhere on the East Coast (UK) and we have just joined The Woodbridge Cruising Club after many years of absence.

Infinity B - Sold

26 October 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Today we completed the sale of Infinity B.
We are both very sad to see her go.
We wish her new owners Ida & Sally happy and safe voyages in a wonderful yacht.
We have not given sailing and we are in the process of buying CharlieBird a Parker 235 from Ida.
We will be keeping CharlieBird in Suffolk and will put her back in the water in the Spring.

Summer Trips

09 September 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We have had a pretty busy summer despite COVID.

We had a delightful 5 weeks in France at the new apartment, which we managed to furnish. We also made lots of new friends and did some nice hikes. We were fortunate enough to get home just in time to beat the deadline for the new obligatory quarantine.

The long drive home in the camper has aggravated my back and I have been going to physio for the past few weeks which is helping.

We have also been working hard on our garden which is looking great and we are staring to think about next year's projects.

We have just returned from a long weekend visiting our son Max and his girlfriend Berry in Edinburgh. We took my eldest daughter Cheryl with us and we all had an excellent time

Mandy's Birthday is coming up soon and we are hoping to get away in the camper to the Peak District for a few days.

It looks like Infinity B will soon be having new owners, the survey is booked and we are looking forward to meeting them and handing her over. Fingers Crossed

The Dinghy and Lots of Progress

19 July 2020 | Rêve de Montagne - Samoëns
Frank Hatfull | Blue Skies
Our dinghy on Infinity B was a 9ft AB inflatable with a 15hp Yamaha outboard.
Here at the apartment our dinghy is a French registered 67hp Panda 4x4.
it is a brilliant little “go anywhere” car.
We have done huge amounts to organise the apartment and now we have a fully functional utility room and new shower.
We still have a new WC to fit.
So with all the work done we are beginning to get out walking and cycling more.
The social life in the village of Samoëns is excellent.

Travel and Unpacking

09 July 2020 | Reve de Montagne - Samoens
Frank Hatfull
We had a good trip down through France on Monday.
It was over 600 miles and we left home at 04.00 UK time and arrived at 20.30 French time (19.30 UK).
We had two slight issue on route. The coffee thermos leaked all over the floor and the engine refused to start a couple of times.
The apartment is even better than I remembered.
We have spend the past couple of days unpacking the camper and the trailer and sorting the flat out.
We have still quite a bit more to do and furniture to buy.
But none the less we are very comfortable and we have vastly more space than on the boat!

Packed and Ready To Go

04 July 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Despite all the UK Government's continuous changes in direction and mis-information, we are off.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have lifted their advisory note forbidding travel to Europe.
This means that our car insurance is now valid again.
The camper (Infinity C) is packed to the gunwales as is the trailer.
There are also 3 bikes on top of the trailer.
We have been for a test run and all seems well.
We leave home at 04.00 on Monday to catch the Eurotunnel train at 08.00.
We hope to be at our new apartment in Samoens by about 20.00 the same day.
We will let you know how we get on.

Boat Viewings & French Mountains

28 June 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Life is looking very positive.
We have had three viewings of Infinity B and one offer so far.
There are more viewings booked and a lot of interest.
The COVID lockdown is slowly lifting and we are at last booked on Eurotunnel for Monday 6th July.
We are really looking forward to getting to our new apartment in Samoëns at long last.
The camper and trailer are packed tight with furniture and bits for the empty flat.
We thinK it will take us about 14 hours door to door.
Jasper has been busy fitting a new shower and WC ready for our arrival.

House & Garden

22 June 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
As you will know Amanda and I are retiring from sailing and Infinity B is up for sale.
We will therefore not be disappearing on our regular winter sailing cruise for several months at a time and letting the house out while we are away.
To replace the boat we have bought a small apartment in Samoëns in the French Alps.
Our current plan is to be away for a month at a time several times throughout the year.
We are looking for friends who might like a break and stay (obviously at no cost) in Deben House while we are away.
If you know of anybody who may be interested do please contact us.

Kind regards

Frank & Amanda

Safely Home and Starting to Unpack

28 May 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
We arrived back home yesterday evening.
The camper and trailer were both absolutely full of all our possessions from Infinity B.
There was more traffic on the roads than on the way down, but it was hard work driving with all the weight onboard.
We have started unpacking and it’s very much like moving house with piles of unrelated items to sort and put away.
It was very sad to leave Infinity B behind but she looks great after we cleaned and tied her.
We are now planning to have a boat jumble at home.. so if we there are any nautical bits you need do message us.

The Final Lift

26 May 2020 | Universal Marina - River Hamble - UK
Frank Hatfull | Fine weather
Infinity B was lifted on to the hard at Universal Marina on The Hamble today.
Last night was our final night afloat on her.
Tonight is likely to be our final night sleeping on her.
We have virtually completely emptied her of many years of clutter.
We have scrubbed the decks and cockpit.
We just have the inside to polish before we leave tomorrow.
It's a very sad day indeed.
Hopefully she will soon find a new equally passionate owner.

Safe and Sound on The Hamble

24 May 2020 | Universal Marina - River Hamble - UK
Frank Hatfull
Yesterday we safely unloaded Infinity B off the ship in Southampton.
All the logistics were organised by Peters & May and were very efficient.
We motored down Southampton Water and up the River Hamble.
We safely docked at Universal Marina mid afternoon.
We will spend the day emptying Infinity B of all our clutter before she hauls out on Tuesday.

M25 on route to Southampton

22 May 2020 | M25 heading south west
Frank Hatfull | Windy
We are our motorhome heading south to collect Infinity B off the ship.
The ship is ahead of schedule but the weather for unloading is bad.
It's very windy and they say that there might be a 24hr delay

Infinity B is on her way home

12 May 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Infinity B left St Johns in Antigua onboard the AAL Melbourne yesterday.
They are currently steaming at 12 knots and currently scheduled to dock in Southampton on Sunday 24th.
We don’t have an official unloading date yet.
I feel quite sad about her returning home to be sold and it reminds me of Turner’s Fighting Temeraire and her sad return to be broken up.
The good news is that Our new broker has several people who want to view her.

Infinity B on board.

09 May 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Infinity B has been loaded onto the AAL Melbourne and will be leaving Antigua in the next couple of days.
There are about 25 other boats travelling on deck with her.
Their progress can be see on this link AAL Melbourne
Don't forget you can also her sale listing at

For Sale

29 April 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
It is still looking good for Infinity B being shipped back to Southampton.

It looks like she will leave Antigua on 10th May and arrive in the UK on 21st May.

She is now up for sale with John Rodriguez Yachts

The Shipping Forecast

13 April 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Mandy and I are keeping busy during the lock down with garden and domestic tasks. We have also been sorting out things to take to our new apartment in France (for when the lock down lifts).
Our main concerns are for our fellow cruisers who are still under lock down in The Caribbean and who are unable to plan their haul outs for the hurricane season and to determine how to get home.
Fortunately Infinity B is still on track to be shipped back to the UK in May with Peters and May.
We have had confirmation she will be on AAL Melbourne.
A lot of the UK south coast boat yards are shut, but we have been able to book her in at Universal Marina on the Hamble.
We will keep you posted.

The Flight Home

22 March 2020 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | Fine
I left Infinity B on the dock in Antigua at about 17.00 local on Saturday with very mixed feelings.
My good friend Jessie very kindly gave me a lift to the airport.
Checking in all went well apart from the fact I had booked in as Frank and my passport says Francis which caused some delay.
The flight and boarding were on time but take off was delayed by an hour as 3 passengers and their luggage were evicted!
The plane landed in Gatwick at 9.45 where Mandy met me with the car.
So we are safely home and now have to anxiously face the global consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Lock Down in The Caribbean

18 March 2020 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
Frank Hatfull | Fine
There is a certain feeling of mild panic amongst the yachting fraternity out here due to the corona virus potential pandemic.
Many of the islands are now introducing entry restrictions to all boats coming in.
It has made it pretty much impossible for anyone to travel between islands or to plan a passage home.
Fortunately Mandy has managed to get safely back to the UK from her French skiing trip in a car with friends.
My health has improved dramatically with an additional course of a second antibiotic and I enjoyed a walk into the marina.
I have managed to get Infinity B onto a very pleasant private dock just north of customs in Jolly Harbour where she will stay until the delivery crew take her into St Johns for loading onto a ship in May.
Apparently Virgin Atlantic have stopped flights home, but I have been able to book onto a BA flight on Saturday night.
So all being well withh planes and trains permitting I will be home by early afternoon on Sunday.

Chaos in The Cabin

14 March 2020 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
Frank Hatfull | Fair
Lots to report.

Firstly and most importantly... In desperation I had to start on some additional antibiotics (Nitrofurantoin) and now all is now infinitely more comfortable with my boy bits! Hopefully I will be able to get off the boat and by some provisions now!

Secondly... Infinity B's viewing on Thursday went well. She is a fabulous boat and deserves a good owner. Fingers crossed!

Thirdly... I have been packing up our personal bits either to ship back by freight or if Infinity B does not sell, to come back with her to the UK and then to be collected in Portsmouth.

I'm hoping to get back to the UK as soon as possible and then onto the apartment in Samoëns. Timing is a bit vague especially with the corona virus issue.

Vessel Name: Formerly Infinity B - GBR 583R
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 460 /22 - Call Sign 2FWJ4 - Sail No GBR583R - UK No 918877
Hailing Port: Harwich U.K.
Crew: Frank Hatfull and Amanda Lerse
We are now both Semi-Retired and this is our third season in The Caribbean. We previously owned Najad 380 – Tantrum of Abersoch covered about 10,000 nm in her We bought Infinity B in Sweden in 2012 so we could go Blue Water Cruising in her. [...]
Leg 1. Harwich to La Coruna - Frank Bata Sally & Alistair Leg 1a La Coruna to Vigo - Frank, Mandy, Max & Chloe Leg 2a. Vigo to Cascais- Frank & Simon Leg 2b. Cascais to Madeira - Frank, Andrew & Fiona Leg 2c. Madeira to Las Palmas - Frank, Mandy, Max & Valerio Leg 3a. Las Palmas to [...]
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With Max & Oliver April 2015
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Frank & Mandy In St Lucia.
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Who: Frank Hatfull and Amanda Lerse
Port: Harwich U.K.

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