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23 October 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
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15 September 2019
13 September 2019 | Clarkes Court Marina Grenada
13 September 2019 | Les Carroz - French Alps
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Our Sailing and Life Plan 2019 - 2020

23 October 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | Beautiful Blue Skies
The Plan

Our current life and sailing plan is to sell Infinity B and buy a small apartment in the French Alps.
We fly out to Grenada on 16th November and will spend a few days getting Infinity B ready before we launch her.
We are intending to advertise Infinity B with Transworld Yachts in the UK and Lighthouse in Antigua.
Boats are always tricky things to sell, but last year Eowyn a Hallberg Rassy sold in just a few days, others can take over a year.
The apartment we are in the process of buying is small (53m2), 2 years old and two minutes walk from the medieval town of Samoëns.
We are just about to pay the deposit and we are expecting the sale to complete in mid January.
Mandy has off-piste skiing book for February/March so in theory could stay on in the new flat for a bit more skiing.
If Infinity B sells after Christmas we will ship our personal effects back and then move into the new flat in the Alps.
If Infinity B has not sold before May we will either ship her back from Antigua or sail her back from St Martinand sell her in the UK.
So….. our actual sailing plans for this season are very loose. If possible we would like to sail up to the USVIs and then make our way back round to Antigua for Mandy to fly out in February for her ski trip. If there is a lot of interest in Infinity B we will head straight up to Antiqua.

Infinity B

28 September 2019
Frank Hatfull
We are considering selling our much loved Infinity B.
She is very high specification and set up for short hand and blue water sailing.
Please contact us if you know anybody who might be interested.

Happy Birthday

15 September 2019
Frank Hatfull
Happy Birthday Mandy

The Barrel Arrives

13 September 2019 | Clarkes Court Marina Grenada
Frank Hatfull
Our shipping barrel which is full of boat bits and my yoghurt mix, arrived in Grenada this week.
Kellon Stroude (see photo), our very reliable broker collected it from the docks and sorted out all the customs papers and payments.
He then delivered all the way to the boat yard at Clarke's Court and handed it over to Anita Sutton at Island Dreams.
Anita is going to store it for us until we arrive back in Grenada in mid November.
Infinity B is one of the masts way over in the background... she is probably missing us!

Beautiful Weather in The Alps

13 September 2019 | Les Carroz - French Alps
Frank Hatfull | Fabulous weather.
It is fabulous bright clear September weather up here in The Alps.
We have been doing a little bit of hiking and visiting some of the local towns.
We are very grateful to Jo & Dee for the use of their apartment.
We are sat in the sun at 1100m on their terrace.
Simply fabulous!

Tunnels, Mountains and Dates

11 September 2019 | Les Carroz - French Alps
Frank Hatfull | Cool but clear blue sky.
We left home in the UK at 04.15 this morning in the Volvo.
We arrived at the Euro Tunnel in Folkestone at about 07.15 in good time for our 08.20 train to Calais.
In fact in very good time indeed...... we were 24 hours too early... we were supposed to there tomorrow.
We had to buy another ticket.
We thrashed across to the Alps all across France on their good but expensive toll motorways.
We made great time and arrived in Les Carroz at 17.15 UK time.
The Volvo XC40 was excellent both on the motorway and on the mountain hairpins.
However the crew (Mandy & I) are completely shattered!

The Concerned Cat

05 September 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | A bit damp and a lot cooler today.
Khaleesi The Kat is very concerned about The Brexit debacle.
She is afraid she might be sent back to Bengal!

Meantime I continue with the one job I hate more than varnishing the boat......and that is painting the windows of the house!

However, Mandy and I are looking forward to getting away next week to go walking in The Alps.

Poppy The Dog and Khaleesi The Kat are both delighted to be looking after Liz while we are away.

German Citizenship

02 September 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | Bright blue skies and good weather for painting the windows.
As our dread of a no deal BREXIT increases so does our anxiety.

However after over two years Mandy has now succeeded in getting dual German Citizenship and a new German EU passport.
Our son Max has also been able to get German Citizenship too.

It’s a pity but I think that I would struggle to get Citizenship anywhere in Europe as my only other language is COBOL.
But perhaps somebody could find an old IBM mainframe in Sweden and ask me to become resident there.

Meantime we are planing a trip to France and Austria in our nice new lovely Swedish Volvo XC40 dinghy.
It will be a good test for both Mandy’s new passport and the XC.

The Leak

30 August 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | The weather is fine and we are hoping it remains dry
Yet another domestic project.
As always I strive to continue to be Mandy’s perfect husband!
So I have taken on the job of trying to fix the 10 year old leak in the sun room.
We put the scaffolding up an I removed the oak facia board and window cill.
It is now clear where the leak is.
The fix requires a new chamfered cill, flash band, some DPC sheeting and the sailors best friend a ton of silicone mastic.
Hopefully I will get it done before the rain returns.

The Hurricane Season Starts

25 August 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | Beautiful warm Bank Holiday in UK
It looks like the start of The Caribbean Hurricane Season is starting.
We home Infinity B is safe and secure in her cradle in Grenada.
But.... far more importantly we hope that everybody on all the islands remain safe.

Safely Home and Anchored

20 August 2019 | At Anchor - Easton on the Hill
Frank Hatfull | Mixed Weather
We are safely back from our trip in The Land Yacht and now safely anchored at home.

Poppy - Tired and Wet

19 August 2019 | Carsington Water - The Peak District
Frank Hatfull | Very Wet
Poppy (14) had a very long 8 mile hike around Carsington Water today.
We took the bikes.
Poppy was very tired and wet by the time we got back to the camper.... but very happy.

The Land Yacht

18 August 2019 | Heathcote - The Peak District - UK
Frank Hatfull | Blustery and Changeable
We are away for a few days in The Land Yacht in the Peak District.
The weather is very blustery and changeable.
We have just completed a 10km hike through Wolfscote Dale and Biggin Dale with Poppy our 14 year old Labrador.
It is one of our favourite walks and I was permitted 1 pint of Black Sheep in The Waterloo Arms!
It’s nice to have time off from projects!

The Front Garden Project

18 August 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull
Back in April when we arrived home we started to completely re-model the front garden.
We dug up the lawn and dug several tons of compost into the flower beds.
We also put a lot of gravel down and created a completely different feel.
The whole of the front now seems far more integrated and leads nicely round to the “white garden” by the kitchen.
The next project involves painting windows.... which I hate doing.
I’m beginning to look forward to getting back to boat projects on Infinity B in November!

Solar Power

10 August 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | No sun today, very windy and overcast.
Yet another home project.
About a month we had EON fit 12 x 305w PV Solar Panels to our south facing garage roof.
The system worked so well that we found we were giving away a lot of our power back to the grid.
So a couple of weeks ago I fitted an iSolar immersion heater controller which gave us free hot water from our PV solar system.
I have now fitted 3 large lithium ion batteries and controller to store the rest of our spare solar power which we can use when the sun goes in.
I have also set it up to charge the batteries with very cheap economy 7 electricity in the early hours of the morning.
I guess our next venture will be an electric car!

Keeping Fit

05 August 2019 | Home
Frank Hatfull | Clear Skies after The Rain
We have had a busy few weeks.
Mandy has been away for a week in the Lake District in her role of accessor for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. She had two gold teams from Bourne Grammar School to look after.
Mandy and I then met up in Hexham for the evening before driving up to Edinburgh to see Max and Berry for the weekend. While we were there we visited the house that Mandy’s mother was born in we also walked across the causeway to Cramond Island in Firth of the Fourth.
Meantime I have been working hard on converting the space above our garage into Mandy’s Keep Fit Room. We put some velux windows and turned the stairs around last year. Now it’s all insulated, plastered, painted and carpeted. I have also fitted 14 cupboard doors to hide away junk.
We are planning to take the Grenada barrel down to the shippers in London this week.

4th July

04 July 2019 | UK
Frank Hatfull | Glorious Sunshine
Happy 4th July to all our American friends.

The Shipping Barrel

30 June 2019 | Franks Office - UK
Frank Hatfull | Glorious Sunny Day
We are getting ready for next season already.
We have packed a big plastic barrel full of spare boat bits for shipping to Grenada.
Some of the 84 items included are:
Saftey Lines
Laser Flares
Hatch Seals
Gen Set Alternator
Engine Starter Relay
Vang Gas Struts
Dinghy Cable Lock
etc etc.
We will take the barrel down to the shipping agent in North London in the next few weeks

Najad 570

28 June 2019 | Henån - Sweden
Frank Hatfull
Here is a video of a short delivery trip we were on in Sweden on a Najad 570.
It was taken a few years ago.

World Cruising Club - Blue Water Weekend

23 June 2019 | Lymington UK
Frank Hatfull | Pretty Good Weather
We are just back from the World Cruising Club’s Blue Water Weeekend in Lymington.
We volunteered to help out and talk about our experiences and advise new potential Atlantic sailors.
There were probably about 200 people there.
I sat on a panel discussing equipment and we both helped out on Salamander with general discussions.
We met some great old friends and made several new friends.
We had a great time.

The Lake District

05 June 2019 | Derwent Water - The Lake District
Frank Hatfull | Mixed Weather
We are spending a few days in our camper in The Lake District.
Mandy is an Accessor for Duke of Edinburgh scheme and has two gold teams coming up here in July.
There are a few areas on their routes she wanted to check out in advance.
We have also been to their proposed camp sites to ensure that they would be suitable..
We have been doing a lot of walking and cycling with Poppy our 14 year old Labrador who has been finding enjoyable but tiring (much like her owners).
We have to be be back for the weekend as Mandy has to assess the bronze DofE groups in Grimsthorpe.

Swedes, Sails and Thanks

26 May 2019 | Gun Wharf Portsmouth
Frank Hatfull | Bank Holiday
Yesterday we left home at 05.30 from in our new Swedish Volvo to avoid the Bank Holiday traffic.
We arrived at 08.30 at Gun Wharf Marina in Portsmouth to meet our dear Swedish friend Peter and his crew on S/Y Ellen a Swedish registered and built Arcona.
Ellen had just arrived from Antigua on a large cargo vessel with many other yachts also being transported back to Europe.
Peter & Jackline had very kindly stored our huge genaker and code zero sails and brought back to England for us.
They are light wind sails which we don’t use in The Caribbean because there is plenty of wind most of the time.
So we would like to say a huge Thank You to Ellen and Owners!
We left Portsmouth at just after midday and had a horrid trip back with long delays due to traffic.
However the new Volvo performed well and was very comfortable.

Volvo European Championships

16 May 2019 | Weymouth an d Portland National Sailing Academy
Frank Hatfull | Bright and Breezy
We are helping out at the Volvo 49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17 European Championships in Portland.
Our good friend Matt Desorgher is beach master here and kindly asked us to help out for a few days.
We came down with the camper and dog on Wednesday after my doctors appointment.
The event is being held at former Olympic sailing centre.
The weather is bright and breezy, perfect for sailing.
It is a great opportunity for us to catch up with family too.

The Darlington Cat

19 April 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | Glorious Easter Weather
We have had a delightful couple of days.
On Wednesday we set off north to collect Dylan from Darlington.
He is a 5 year old Bengal Cat that needed a new home.
We stopped off on route a Fountains Abbey near Ripon.
It is always a stunning walk and the huge Abbey ruins brought into mind the sad recent tragedy at Notre Dame.
We stayed overnight with Paul and Janie from Shian.
It was great to catch up with them again.
On Thursday morning we collected Dylan from his former delightful owners who were very upset to see him go.
He is settling in well but has not yet met Poppy our ancient Labrador!

Cars, Planes and Trains

12 April 2019 | Home - Easton on the Hill UK
Frank Hatfull | Very cold compared to The Caribbean
I left Clarke’s Court Marina in Grenada at 13.00 on Wednesday in Paul’s taxi.
Paul was charming and exactly on time, so we will definitely use him again.
I was first in the queue at the check in, but still had to wait an hour!
The BA plane was well crewed and very new and left on time at 17.00.
Unfortunately, I had drawn the short straw with my seat allocation for the overnight flight.
I was middle of the middle aisle, not a great place for a grumpy old claustrophobic!
I had a games console playing, long legged youth to my right who took my leg room and continually nudged and kicked me.
To my left I had a large restless lady who then swapped about an hour in with her vast mother.
I was left with no room even when I folded my shoulders in.
I just had to get out, I stood by the WCs for about ½ hour, then the kind cabin staff rescued me an put me in a crew seat for a few hours.
Early on Thursday morning I managed to catch the early non stop train with 2 minutes to spare, unfortunately it had no tea or sandwiches.
All was going well until we all had to get off at Huntingdon because of an accident at Peterborough, so Mandy collected me and we were still home in very good time.
I’m not sure I’m upto doing another long haul flight for quite a while.
Today, Friday we picked up our fabulous new Swedish car from Marshall’s Volvo in Grantham.
Hiten the salesman has been a dream (not the sort thing one normally says about a car salesman). We ordered the car before we left in November, with lots of help choosing the specification, and here it is better than one could have hoped for.
Now it’s time to start planning for next season’s Caribbean sailing trip.

Getting Ready to Leave

09 April 2019 | Clarkes Court Marina Grenada
Frank Hatfull | Bright and Breezy
Almost ready to go.
Flying back to the UK tomorrow
We are having Anita from Island Dreams to look after the boat.
She seems really sensible and I'm sure Infinity B will be in safe hands over the hurricane season.
Do mention us if you contact her to have your boat looked after too.

Hauled Out

06 April 2019 | Clarkes Court Marina Grenada
Frank Hatfull | Very Wet and Windy
Infinity B is safely hauled out in Clarke’s Court Marina.
She is safely secured in a cradle with 3 tie downs each side.
The yard team were really excellent.
I now have 5 days living on board out of the water, which is never pleasant. Down the ladder and across the yard in the rain at 05.00 just for the WC.
I have decommissioned the water maker and stowed all the sails below deck.
Yesterday evening I made a canvas bag for the freshly varnished cockpit table.
Plenty more to do!
Mandy flys back from skiing in the Alps to the UK today, she’s had a good time but is suffering from sore shins.
She will have plenty to do before I arrive later in the week.

Dangerous Cleaning

03 April 2019 | Clarke™s Court Bay - Grenada
Frank Hatfull | Very Windy and Wet
It was a very wet and windy night.
It was noisy too because without the sail the in mast furler shaft bashes as we roll and reverberates throughout the whole boat.
The varnishing progresses. 3 coats in the cockpit and 4 on the table.
The army rations are still vile and I left most of yesterday’s supper.
I have started clearing the deck and stashing things away in the forward head.
This morning I started polishing the wood below, when I heard the horn of a boat approaching.
I rushed up the steps and smacked my head …. ouch.
Cleaning is such a dangerous business and should be avoided!

Brexit and Birthday

31 March 2019 | Clarke™s Court Bay - Grenada
Frank Hatfull | Still Breezy but Dry
I have continued to watch The Brexit process with complete disbelief.
It’s only 10 days until I fly home to caps of The DK (Dis-united Kingdom).
Max our son has got his German citizenship through and Mandy is hoping to have hers waiting for at home, so at least they will be able to continue to Europeans.
I would like to get Swedish citizenship, I’m sure I would pass the drinking criteria!

Meantime, I am making steady progress with the varnish and all the sails are down and packed.
Mandy continues to enjoy her skiing in the Alps.

Sunday was my 62nd birthday which makes me a year older than Mandy until her birthday in September!
I had a wonderful birthday and I was treated to a very splendid 2 ½ hour lunch at Whisper Cove by our good friends on Kalluna and Cadence.
I checked my blood glucose level in the afternoon expecting it to be through the roof but it was not too bad. Nevertheless I did just have rolled oats and a cup of tea for supper to make sure!
Jess from Cadence also made me a beautiful painting of Infinity B on driftwood.

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes.

Varnish and Skiing

30 March 2019 | Clarke™s Court Bay - Grenada
Frank Hatfull | Slightly Overcast
It sounds like Mandy is enjoying her skiing.
Meanwhile I have been getting on with boat jobs.
I managed to pass a large bag of items to charity from my boat decluttering.
Jess from Cadance brought me some fresh fruit and veg which have improved the army ration diet no end.
Fast Manicou delivered a case of beer ready for my birthday tomorrow, so the provisions are much improved.
I’m in the middle of my least favourite job, Varnishing.
I have started with the cockpit table, so far it has had 3 thinned coats and has been rubbed down between each.
So only four more coats then I can start on the companion way etc.

Oil and Army Rations

26 March 2019 | Clarke€™s Court Bay - Grenada
Frank Hatfull | Breezy with Showers
I have been having a busy few days but eating poorly.
Yesterday I serviced the genset, changed the oil and filter, fuel filters and impeller.
The early season fix on the pump and alternator belt has held up well.
I will fit a proper new alternator and belt in November when we are back.
Today I serviced the main engine and spilled some oil which made a mess in the engine room.
I also installed our new windlass, I need to test it tomorrow.
I have been living on army rations from the bilges which are only 5 years out of date!
For supper I had an outdated tin of corned beef .... it was bloody horrible!
I thinking about getting on with some varnishing and deck repairs next.

Prince Charles and UK Trains

24 March 2019 | Clarke’s Court Bay - Grenada
Frank Hatfull | Bright & Breezy
Mandy left for the UK on Saturday, which just happened to be the day that Prince Charles was visiting Grenada.
Mandy saw his plane at the airport.
Her plane was a hour late landing in the UK on Sunday morning because of problems with the runway in St Lucia.
Then then UK trains were diverted and cancelled because of the wind blowing overhead lines down.
But she is now back and packing ready for her French ski trip.
Meantime as the boat boy and house elf I've started getting on with the maintenance.
So far I have serviced the gen set and sorted out my old clothes.
There's plenty more to do whilst I'm following the Brexit fiasco on the radio!

Thank You - 43,000 visits

20 March 2019 | Clarke’s Court Bay - Grenada
Frank & Mandy
We have just exceeded 43,000 visits to our blog.
Thank you all for your interest
Particular thanks you for all your comments, we read them all.
The other thing we have been reading are all the bewildering news articles about Brexit.

The Final Passage

20 March 2019 | Clarke’s Court Bay - Grenada
Frank & Mandy | Good Steady Wind
We had a splendid few days in Carriacou.
The antibiotics did their job, my temperature is down and I'm feeling relatively normal again.
We manage a couple of very pleasant walks while we were there too.
We left a dawn today and arrived in Grenada early afternoon, after a very good sail.
It's probably our last passage of the season but we did manage to catch a nice tuna.
We are anchored in Clarke's Court Bay and Mandy is getting sorted to fly off to the Piste on Saturday.
I now need to prepare the list of boat jobs to get done before I fly back on 10th April.

Tyrell Bay and Antibiotics

17 March 2019 | Tyrell Bay - Carricou
Frank & Mandy | Very Pleasant
We arrived in Tyrell Bay in Carriacou on Friday after a short but pleasant down wind sail from Clifton on Union Island.
In the evening we had a superb supper on Cranstackie with Alistair and Ester. She is just the most amazing cook.
There are another couple of OCC boats here too, Walk About and Cadence.
On Saturday I started to become ill again with a temperature of 101. Looks like the same old recurring prostate infection. So we have hit it hard and fast with cyprofloxacin. Hopefully things will improve.
I’m hoping to feel well enough to go for a walk later.
We need to be in Grenada in a few days because Mandy flys out on Saturday to go skiing.

Tobago Cays

15 March 2019 | Tobago Cays
Frank & Mandy | Bright and Windy
We have a windy couple of days at Tobago Cays.
It’s a stunning place.
It sits right on the edge of the Atlantic and Anchorage is protected by a shallow horseshoe reef.
This means you get all the wind but greatly reduced waves.
There are turtles everywhere.
It is a kitesurfing and snorkelling paradise.
We made some more Swedish friends yesterday on Blue Wave we are hoping that they will join the OCC too.
We are planing to check out in Clifton today and sail down to Carricou.

Fish Suppers and Mad Cats

13 March 2019 | Tobago Cays
Frank & Mandy | Bright and Blowy
We have had several delightful days on Union Island.
The weather has been a bit blustery with occasional showers.
We have make a couple of hikes which involves an initial steep scrabble up out of the bay before the start.
We have a great time socialising with other OCC friends.
We had supper on Infinity B with Peter & Jackline from Ellen on our first night and we ate some of the tuna we caught.
We had drinks on board Infinity B yesterday afternoon with John from Eschaton and his lady friend.
In the evening Bill & Jessica from Cadence joined us for supper where Mandy used the famous Swedish recipe to cook the Baracuda we caught.
Today we went to Clifton to get some much needed provisions.
Clifton Bay has a reef right in the middle of it. So we are always careful to pick a safe anchoring spot.
We were only there a couple of hours but saw two separate serious incidents involving catamarans.
The first where a large cat had anchored right where the ferry need to turn.
There was lots of hooting and the catamaran was nearly hit.
The second incident involved a charter cat trying to sail across the reef. It ended aground and being blown onto it by strong winds. It took a whole fleet of local boats to pull it off and then it drove straight into the reef for a second time!
We have just arrived in Tobago Cays ..... it's simply stunning.

Fish and The Salt Whistle

09 March 2019 | Salt Whistle Bay - Mayreau
Frank & Mandy | Good
We had an excellent sail down to Mayreau from Mustique.
We caught one yellow finned tuna and a barracuda on passage.
We are in Salt Whistle Bay.
It’s amazing how they pack so many boats into such a tiny back.
The locals are delightful and we had the park ranger and one of the boat boys aboard for tea.
They were very keen on Mandy’s ginger biscuits.
We are off to Chatham Bay on Union Island for Tuna Supper with SY Ellen tomorrow.


09 March 2019 | Britannia Bay - Mustique
Frank & Mandy | Excellent
We have had 3 delightful days in Mustique.
The moorings are very strong and well maintained, they are probably the best in The Caribbean.
We are still a little nervous of moorings failing following the incident in Statia 3 years ago when we drifted out to see with mooring ball still attached.
The island is beautifully maintained and very few cars.
The population density is low and its very easy to walk everywhere.
We actually walked on the beach right in front of Mick Jaggers fabulous beach house.
Yesterday we did a hike along the windward beaches and over the hill through the magnificent private mansions.
We are heading off today towards Tobago Cays nad hoping to meet up with The Swedes on Ellen.

Frigates, Ganets and Mick Jagger

06 March 2019 | Mustique
Frank & Mandy | Very Pleasant
We have just arrived in beautiful Mustique.
A very short easy motor sail from Bequai.
On route were saw hundreds of ganets and firigate birds fishing and squabbling.
We are planning to go hiking and investigate the island, if we see Mick Jagger we will of course invite him for G&Ts.

The Friendship Rose

05 March 2019 | Admiralty Bay - Bequia
Frank & Mandy | Slightly Overcast
We are still in Bequia enjoying ourselves.
We are doing plenty of walking and feeling all the better for it.
Our friend John from Hollabalo is also the skipper of the traditional local schooner Friendship Rose.
He very kindly gave us a private tour of the boat. It is one of the few only survivors of her type and now used for tours to Mustique and Tobago Cays.
The wind is steadily moderating and we plan to sail to Mustique ourselves tomorrow.
Today we need to provision and Mandy wants to do some more paddle boarding.

Windy Bequai

02 March 2019 | Admiralty Bay - Bequia
Frank & Mandy | Glorious but windy
We had yet another windy sail yesterday.
But we have arrived safely in Bequai.
Cranstackie are here too, so we are hoping to spend some time with them.
The weather today is beautiful and the view from Papas bar is stunning.

Martinique to St Vincent

01 March 2019 | Antiqua
Mandy and Frank
We had a good passage yesterday to St Lucia.
We had very poor holding in Marigot Bay.
So we picked up a mooring under the Pitons.
We are just about to leave for St Vincent. (sent via SSB)

An Invitation and Kite Surfing

24 February 2019 | Les Trois Ilets - Martinique
Frank & Mandy | Windy
Here is an invitation.
It is only a month until Mandy flys back to Europe to go skiing.
I will be on my own for a few weeks in Grenada before we haul out.
So please let me know if you want to fly out and join me in the sun and.... maybe bring a few spares too!

We have had another wonderful day touring Martinique in our hire car.
Today we went south and then across to the Atlantic coast, where the kite surfers were having great fun in the continuing strong winds at Vauclin.
The views across the azure blue sea and the reefs were very similar to Tobago Cays.

Tomorrow we plan to return the car and sail round to Grande Anse for a few days so Mandy can try out her new paddle board.

Car, Gardens and Paddle Board

23 February 2019 | Les Trois Ilets - Martinique
Frank & Mandy | Windy
On Friday we left Sainte Pierre and motored down the coast to Fort de France.
It was another windy trip gusting over 40 knots.
We anchored briefly in Fort de France but it was very noisy and the swell from the ferries made it quite uncomfortable.
So we motored 3 miles across the bay to Les Trois Ilets.
The water is much calmer but we are anchored on a lee shore. However the anchor is well dug into the mud and we have 50m of chain out.
Les Trois Ilets is a very pleasant little town with terracotta tiled roofs.
The dinghy dock arrangements are pretty bad here.
On Saturday we rented a car and as usual Mandy drove and I navigated.... it is the only way to prevent a divorce.
First stop was Decathlon to buy Mandy's standup paddle board. It won't get its trial outing until the wind drops.
Our next stop were the Botanical Gardens at Balata high up the volcano in sub-tropical rain forest.
The gardens were absolute stunning and certainly as good as, if not better than the ones at Deshaies in Guadeloupe.
We continued our drive north right up over the top of Morne Rogue at 1500ft through the thick rain forest and then back down to the windward coast at Le Robert and then back across country.
Martinique is a fabulous island with lush mountains and vast fertile areas with healthy banana plantations.
It has been a real insight being able to visit the high lands and interior.
Tomorrow we plan to take the car to the southern end of the island.

Wind, Waves and Another Volcano

20 February 2019 | St Pierre - Martinique
Frank & Mandy
We left Prince Ruper Bay, Portsmouth, Dominica at dawn.
We are now in Sainte Pierre in Martinique anchored under a volcano.
The trip was another heavy weather fast, wet and very bouncy passage.
We had over 30 knots all the way and a number of squalls over 40.
We are glad we have such a strong well built Swedish boat.
We were sailing at 7 to over 8 knots all the way.
We still have a slight problem with a leaky forehatch and we are getting quite a bit of water down the mast into the bilge.
We have had days of this heavy weather sailing and we are both feeling very tired.
The weather forecast is for even more wind so we plan to spend a few days recuperating in Martinique.

Dominica to Martinique

20 February 2019 | Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We cast off at dawn.
It was great to see Anna & Hakan from Unicorn and Alexis in Portsmouth Dominica, but we have to go.
Even bigger winds forecast so wee need to grab the weather window.
We are currently motor sailing in the lee of the island but we expect force 7 to 8 again for the passage across to Martinique.
I have put the fishing lines out while we are sheltered.
It will take us 3 to 4 hours before we reach Scotts Head the Southern tip of Dominica. (sent via SSB)

Arrived in Dominica

19 February 2019 | Dominica
Mandy and Frank
We arrived in Dominica after a fast and furious sail from Guadeloupe with wind upto 42 knots.
It was great to see Anna and Haukan from Unicorn and the tips of Morris the cat's ears poking out from the cockpit.
Last time we saw them all was in Sweden over the summer.

Antiqua to Guadeloupe

18 February 2019 | Deshaies - Guadeloupe
We have been pretty busy the past couple of days
Yesterday we started with 3 loads of washing in our nice new washing machine.
It dried in no time in the bright blustery sunshine.
We then met up with Simon & Hilda from Brisa for a hike around and over Pearns Point with fabulous views of Hermitage Bay.
If you are feeling brave ask Mandy about her new D-Day style beach landing technique!!!
Later Mandy took the dinghy in to get some provisions for our next few days of sailing.
But we were so preoccupied with everything we forgot to check out.

So today has been very hectic too.
I ran the OCC net at 07.30.
At 08.00 Simon kindly took Mandy in to check out as our dinghy and engine were stored ready for sailing.
At 08.30 we had to get the Swedes on Samantha to move their boat as they had anchored right over our chain.
At 09.00 we set sail for Guadeloupe 3 hours behind schedule!
It was another fast and furious trip with winds in mid 30 knots.
We have just arrived in Deshaies in Guadeloupe tired but okays before it gets dark.
We are currently planning to leave for Dominica at dawn tomorrow.

The blog has now had over 42,000 viewings.
So thank you all again for your interest in our blog and for all your comments.

A Day Out with Joy & Jesse

17 February 2019 | Jolly Harbour - Antiqua
Frank & Mandy
On Friday we dinghied into the marina for some provisioning etc.
Mario from the yard supplied us with an almost new camping gaz cylinder as a spare.
We also managed to replace our ever faithful boat hook which was washed overboard during one of our stormy passages.
On Saturday we had a delightful day out with our dearest friends Joy and Jessie.
We had an excellent local take out meal and visited their lovely home and garden.
They also took us for a tour of the island.
It was a great day out.
Vessel Name: Infinity B - GBR 583R
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 460 /22 - Call Sign 2FWJ4 - Sail No GBR583R - UK No 918877
Hailing Port: Harwich U.K.
Crew: Frank Hatfull and Amanda Lerse
We are now both Semi-Retired and this is our third season in The Caribbean. We previously owned Najad 380 – Tantrum of Abersoch covered about 10,000 nm in her We bought Infinity B in Sweden in 2012 so we could go Blue Water Cruising in her. [...]
Leg 1. Harwich to La Coruna - Frank Bata Sally & Alistair Leg 1a La Coruna to Vigo - Frank, Mandy, Max & Chloe Leg 2a. Vigo to Cascais- Frank & Simon Leg 2b. Cascais to Madeira - Frank, Andrew & Fiona Leg 2c. Madeira to Las Palmas - Frank, Mandy, Max & Valerio Leg 3a. Las Palmas to [...]
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