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10 November 2012 | Gloucester Point, VA
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10 November 2012 | Gloucester Point, VA
Cathie/Sunny Winds Variable
November 10, 2012

Departure: 8:00 AM - York River Yacht Haven, Gloucester Point, VA
Weather: Sunny - High 65/37
Winds: Light and Variable

Hi All!

INTERLUDE is officially unchained! This will be our 6th trip. I can't believe it! We are very lucky to be able to go cruising again. Life is good!

Yesterday was a very busy day loading many dock carts full of "stuff" onto the boat. We finally got settled in around 10pm last night. It's amazing how much can fit in a 38 foot boat! Of course, it is a good thing that Tom is a minimalist! It gives me more room!

It was nice having heat at the dock last night. It got down into the low 30's. This morning it is 37. We are now heading out of the York River on our way to Deep Creek Lock in the Dismal Swamp.

I can see the stress starting to fade from Tom's face already!

Our son Chris and lovely bride Silvia stopped by this morning to see us off. That was really nice. I am really going to miss them. I got enough big hugs to hold me over until we see them again. Hopefully they can some see us for Christmas holidays. That would be terrific!

It is interesting that when we are back on land it's difficult to remember life on the boat and it all seems strange. When you get back on the boat, the concept of living on land fades away and that feels strange. I can already feel that we are morphing into sea creatures again.

The only issue is always leaving friends and family. Knowing that we will be back soon makes it easier for me. The time flies by and before you know it we are home.

This coming spring/summer we plan to leave INTERLUDE in Fort Pierce and forgo the trip back home to Virginia.

We also have a wonderful event planned before we get back. Our daughter Crystal is graduating from grad school in May! She is busy with resumes and interviews at this point. Hopefully she will find a position that she will enjoy.

We are also planning to buy an RV for this summer and take a trip out West for a few months. Can you tell that my husband is a nomad! Hopefully Tom will have off next summer and give him a much needed break. He works seven days a week trying to build a spec house during the time we have on land. By the time we are ready to head back out to sea he is worn to a nub.

We have cruising friends who are already in southern waters. We are looking forward to catching up with them somewhere along the way.

See ya later! Gotta get topside and keep my hubby company!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by! Keep in touch!

Cathie (not the CLOD) on s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.
Vessel Name: INTERLUDE
Vessel Make/Model: CATALINA 380