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06 June 2010 | White Sound, Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
10 June 2008 | Fishers Bay, Great Guana Cay
25 May 2008 | Green Turtle Cay
21 May 2008 | White Sound, Green Turtle Cay
17 May 2008 | West End, Grand Bahama
07 May 2008 | On the New River, Fort Lauderdale

It's tough being intrepid

21 May 2008 | White Sound, Green Turtle Cay
Hot, hot, hot
Yahoo! We finally made it to someplace where the boat is still and we aren't sailing or moving all the time.

We had some really bad stuff happen while we were out sailing around. The worst thing was when we stopped on this deserted little island. At first I really liked it. I swam in the ocean and I ran up and down the beach so many times chasing birds that I nearly got lost. I almost caught a little one, too.

But then I decided to explore inland, and I ran up the sand dunes and into the forest and suddenly my whole body was on fire! This plant attacked me! It launched all these big sticky, prickly bombs at me and they wouldn't let go! I ran back to the Captain - well, I limped, and she took me back to the boat and tortured me for over an hour with scissors and she kept poking me with the plant things. It hurt so much, I'm embarrassed to say, I tried to bite her. But when it was all done and all of those awful things were gone, I licked her arm to tell her I was sorry.

Now we're in a place that has other dogs and restaurants and good grass and it's so cool I hope we can stay here forever! Something tells me though, that the Captain doesn't plan to stay anywhere too long.

May the wind always be full of good smells!

Vessel Name: Wild Matilda & Talespinner
Vessel Make/Model: Ron Holland 43 & Caliber 33
Hailing Port: Fort Lauderdale
Crew: Intrepid Seadog Chip
I am a one-eyed, mixed-breed terrier, a son of a bitch from the Caribbean, born during a hurricane in 1995. I live and sail aboard the 33-foot Caliber sloop TALESPINNER with the Captain, however, this summer, the Captain has me off sailing with Bruce on his boat WILD MATILDA. [...]
Extra: I would love to get comments from anyone - other dogs, cats, birds, snakes, ferrets -- even humans -- I'm not prejudiced.
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Who: Intrepid Seadog Chip
Port: Fort Lauderdale